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Hello All,

I am new here. I had VSG Dec 2016 had lost over 100lbs. Then exactly 18months post op. found out I was pregnant.... with TWINS!!!! I had sever edema gained about 40lbs, soon after birth and the fluid going down I was super svelte. The issue was that while pregnant nothing really stayed down except my one skinny latte and cereal, so after birth I was starving, all a sudden I could eat things I couldn't before or during pregnancy. I wasn't eating much but began to gain weight.

I have now gained half the weight I lost! I do not know what to do. I was wondering if the pregnancy changed something. I do not know what to do? have I lost the benefits of the sleeve? how do I get back!?

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Hi, I know I am late to the game with your questions, but I wanted to let you know that I had similar experiences with my pregnancy. First, congrats with your original weight loss... Use that as your inspiration going forward... knowing you CAN do this!

I am a RnY patient but I feel that some of the principals are the same and wanted to know if you are able to get in touch with your surgeon or nutritionist? I went back... like, way back to basics as if I was prepping for surgery for the most part. I breastfed for over two years (stopped about 9 months ago) and let me tell you... breastfeeding does not always help with "losing the baby weight" I still kept my protein intake to 90-120 g of protein daily with about 1200 calories per day as if I was in the maintenance phase. When I stopped breastfeeding, I kicked it into full prep mode with 2 shakes a day (Breakfast and Lunch) with leafy greens and protein for dinner... and tons of water or low/zero calorie liquids. I also saw a mental health pro to help me with the mental stuff. Your little ones take priority over some things, but your health comes first. Let your hubs or significant other help in the kitchen if it gets difficult... meal prep and know that you've got this!

Best of luck!

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My sister had a similar story and was back to normal weight within a year.

How did your story end?

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In such situations, it's important to talk to your healthcare provider about your concerns and ask for their advice. They can help you determine if there are any underlying medical issues that might be contributing to your weight gains, such as thyroid problems or hormonal imbalances. When I studied at a medical college, I used to spend less time on non-core subjects. They can even make an essay on the topic of human trafficking, I wonder who is asked to write such a thing.

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