Procare prenatal vitamins?

on 7/9/19 7:38 am

Has anyone taken the procare bariatric prenatal vitamin? My nutritionist said to take that along with calcium, however the prenatal does not have DHA in it. Procare customer service said that is because bariatric patients require a dry form of DHA? Has anyone taken a dry DHA or a liquid dropper form? Thanks!

on 7/29/19 9:50 am - Saint Paul, MN

I just bought these same vitamins and started taking them recently so I don't have any news on them. I have high hopes for them because my last pregnancy I discovered I was anemic and the pregnancy only made that progress. So I'm switching up all my vitamins in preparation for my next pregnancy. I intend to take another form of dha as well so hopefully someone has suggestions?

on 2/10/20 3:27 pm

I was cleared to take the average OTC from CVS (I think it was Nature Made) and was on that for about 18 months... 3 months prior to getting pregnant, and throughout my entire pregnancy up until maybe 6 months post-pregnancy? all of my labs were good when they were drawn pre, 2x during and once at that 6-month post pregnancy mark.

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