Blues day before surgery

on 4/24/11 1:24 am - CA
 What is wrong with me?? I am so excited about my surgery but have terrible case of the blues today. Could it be this liquid diet I've been on? Did anyone else get sad from the clear liquids?? Then today is Easter & my very large close family is not having our traditional meal because I'm not allowed to eat plus I have this God-awful diarhea I guess from the liquid diet and still have to drink full bottle of Magnesium Citrate at 5pm tonight for surgery in morning. Thanks for letting me rant...just not feeling my normal jolly self
on 4/24/11 1:28 am - Greenwood, IN
I just wanted to let you know I felt that way the day before surgery too, I was sad I couldn't just diet and lose weight, I was sad to be losing one of my best friends- food. Now at 2 weeks out I couldn't be happier! You will go through lots of crazy emotions on this journey. Just know that it is normal, and you are making a great decision for your health!
on 4/24/11 1:29 am
It's normal to feel off right before surgery... But you get the double whammy of it being a normal "food celebration" day, eh? You're right, that sucks!! I totally feel for you. BUT, think about how freaking happy you're gonna be when you're sleeved and dropping pounds! You're almost there... Hang in the baby, good times are comin'!


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on 4/24/11 1:36 am - Littlerock, CA
VSG on 03/28/11 with
Good morning...You're almost THERE!  How cool is that!?!        I also felt alittle down right before surgery.  I compared it to that feeling I get after planning a big family event that takes all your attention, and gives focus, and then the big event comes & goes, and I have that part of a day or so where I have to re-focus my thoughts & attention.  You do have a double whammy because you have the holiday today, along with the bowel prep (oh boy!), followed by surgery tomorrow.  Just know the BEST really is yet to come!  Take care, and best wishes for a smooth surgery and speedy recovery,  Viv 


on 4/24/11 1:38 am - CA
 Gosh thanks so much ladies for normalizing my wierdness. You've made me feel unbelievably better. Have a nice holiday. I love this site. What a blessing.
sleeve genie
on 4/24/11 2:38 am - Alhambra, CA
Hey sweetie,  congratulations on your surgery. I just want to say its completly normal, we all go through it.   I also wanted to say that if i were you i would do the cleanse earlier than 5   i did it around 3 and was still up most of the night,  and was afraid in the morning that i might have an accident in surgery:o(  i apologized to the nurses before hand  lol   did you know a lot of doctors don't make people do that anymore.  I think its a hold over from the bypass and since they cut your intestines it makes sense but for the sleeve i would say not so much.  Anyway,  do it earlier is my advise.   You will be so happy that you did this.  Good luck, i hope you have as easy a time of it as i did.   Walk, sip, rest and repeat  :o) jeani
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Eula "Evie" R.
on 4/24/11 2:56 am - Mount Nebo, WV
OL my, you are normal. I had my surgery last wed. the 20th. My goodness I felt the same way as you  are feeling.  I had to pray about it and talk to the Lord after that I was fine. God Bless you.
on 4/24/11 4:10 am - SIlver Spring, MD
VSG on 04/04/11 with
3 weeksw post-op VSG:
I can imagine missing out on your ritual of the Easter meal. My parents have been gone 10 years and I still miss celebrating Easter with them. I was very anxious day before so I had a friend come over and distract me for the day. No prep either with my sleeve. So I journal to "My Tummy", my good friend who I hd to say goodbye to and with whom I have had such a great dysfunctinal relationship. She has been with me through thick and thin but its time to start a brand new chapter of us taking better care of each other. Be gentle with you and your tummy! Good luck tomorrow!
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on 4/24/11 5:18 am - Castle Rock, CO
Good luck & a speedy recovery!
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