Pain with Eating?

on 4/26/11 10:44 am - Bronx, NY
Hi guys,

Since the surgery, my stomach is still very tense and painful? Today the dietician advanced my diet to mushies, and I was very excited. I took it slow and cooked one scrambled egg with cheese. I didn't eat it all either. About 20 minutes later I had excruciating pain in my stomach.

In the afternoon, I had one tablespoon of natural creamy peanut butter and the same thing happened.

Has this happened to anyone else? I don't know if it's because my stomach is not used to anything but liquids at this point, but it scares me. It makes me feel as if I'm never gonna recover. I've been through so much with this surgery and I just want to know if anyone else experienced this problem. If you did, does it eventually stop? Let me know.

sleeve genie
on 4/26/11 10:49 am - Alhambra, CA
Hey sweetie,  i think you will be fine.  Some of us heal quicker than others,  its just how our bodies are, no ryhme or reason.  My first scrambled egg did the same thing but i ate the whole thing.  You probably have a nice small sleeve and as time goes on you will get used to real food again and i'm sure all will be well.  Take good care of yourself,  and just go slow   :o) jeani
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on 4/26/11 10:55 am
It get's better I came to the conclusion I can't eat eggs for awhile. I felt like I was having a heart attack but, only with the eggs and cheese I can eat cheese alone. This is the time you discover what your stomach will except. Pray your stomach settles soon I am 2 weeks out and have good and bad days.
on 4/26/11 11:06 am
I have NO idea what doctors obsession with eggs are!!  They KILLED my stomach in the beginning.  I couldn't stomach them until about 6 weeks out.  Try some cream of wheat or some refried beans.  Eat very very slow with tiny bites.  The gas and pain will go away.  Mine went away around 6 weeks post op.  Good Luck and Congrats :)
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on 4/26/11 11:10 am
Some folks just cannot eat eggs.  I have been able to eat them, but I do better on a smooshed up fried egg than I do with scrambled.  I could eat about half a fried egg at first and about a third of a scrambled one. 
Peanut butter is hard for some to digest as well.  I don't know how long it took to get that whole tablespoon down, but I wouldn't have been able to tolerate it well.

Just try a tiny bit of new smooshed foods one at a time, ione day at a time.  You have got forever to add stuff.  

Be patient, you will do fine!
on 4/26/11 11:10 am - TX
Just because they told you you could progress to mushies doesn't mean your stomach is ready for the change.  If your sleeve is getting upset, continue on liquids for a day or two and then try just one meal of mushies.

I didn't have a problem with eggs, but everyone's different.  You may want to try some tuna mixed with some mayo or greek yogurt.  That one always went down easy.
Mrs Vermonica

on 4/26/11 11:10 am
it will get better take your time  and go slow.if you feel your not ready mushies  give it more time.
on 4/26/11 11:22 am
 The first egg I ate did the same thing to me.  I found out when I go from one stage to a new stage it is real important to use the baby spoon or fork and just eat one or two bites and leave it alone for about 30 minutes and come back and try it again.  I had a hard time figuring out when I was satisfied and that means stopping before I am full.  One or two bites is my maximum when I first try something new.  Another thing you may want to try the egg custard receipe that someone put up yesterday.  I used one egg, one cup FF milk, a capful of vanilla, a sprinkle of cinnamon or nutmeg, and two single servings of sweetner and it made the perfect amount for one serving. Even with this, I ate it very slowly two or three bites at a time and waited about 15 minutes in between the first bites and the second set of bites to make sure I didn't fill my stomach too much.  It was great, smooth, easy going down, easy on my stomach.  
Oh yeah, you bake it at 325 degrees.  Pour the mixture in a custard cup/bowl and set it in another baking dish with very ho****er in it.   Bake for about 40 minutes.  

I fell asleep and mine cooked for 2 hrs so I couldn't eat the top as it was crusty!  I am making some more (full receipe) tonight as it is a great breakfast.  I think the receipe said 7.3 g protein and I forgot the rest of the nutrition facts but it is GREAT! 

on 4/26/11 12:05 pm - Kensington, CT
I have had eggs scrambled but find a fried egg using PAM goes down much easier. I also found egg salad, and tuna worked well but because these are denser , I could only tolerate a few bites at first. I would have a mushy meal and a couple pureed soups for the day the first few days and added somethiing different each day. Refried beans with cheese or a spoon of chili or yogurt was good also. Take your time and like others said....have a bite and wait to see how you feel. That custard recipe sounds yummy too!! Good luck and take it slow!
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on 4/26/11 1:30 pm - AZ
Well - you are about 20 days newer than me but I'll tell you about my situation. I'm not saying that this is your issue but you asked if anyone else were having this issue.  I had an endoscope a few days ago becuase even drinking fluids make my stomach hurt.  Found out that I have ulcers.  So, now I'm on this gross medication to coat my stomach before I eat. I hope it cures it because it would be pretty discouraging to have to take these meds forever.
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