TMI but I need help

on 4/15/12 8:18 am
 I am a little over 2 weeks out and I'm having insane amounts of diarrhea. It's is just liquid poring out of me and it burns so much that I am tearing from the pain.  I don't know what to do. Has anyone had this? Anything to help with the burning? Anything to make it stop? Thanks.
on 4/15/12 8:26 am
I had to use Vaseline after
katie M.
on 4/15/12 8:26 am
VSG on 03/29/12
It's normal b/c of the diet you're on. Sucks, I know. You might want to check with your surgeon, but I'm allowed to take Imodium. I have Crohn's though, so I don't know if its just b/c of that or what. Just check w/ your doc. Hope you feel better soon
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on 4/15/12 8:34 am - CA
I recommend washing well after each BM and vaseline or diaper ointment application after cleansing. That will remove the enzymes from your stool and protect your skin from the next time. Also, know that this will change as you are able to introduce solids and then you will have the opposite problem. You can do it!
on 4/15/12 8:36 am
VSG on 04/10/12
Defnitely check with your surgeon but there are some topicals you can apply to soothe, think Prep H. Have you cut out the dairy yet to see if you're not lactose intolerant? I hope you feel better soon! Hope your Dr gives you the go ahead for some imodium or something.

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on 4/15/12 8:38 am
What all are you drinking? I know apple juice and orange juice are high in acids. I know with my baby if too much orange juice the redness starts and I have to put lots of diaper cream on.
on 4/15/12 8:39 am - San Jose, CA
I'd be using pepto bismol and probiotics.

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on 4/15/12 8:51 am
I did not have the diarrhea but you can use desitin afterwards it helps. I have IBS so I use to have issues with this. I would call the doctor and see if there is some suggestions they might have about what your nutrition is.  Also I had a little issue with regular fat dairy before surgery. The first few months If I had any 2% or higher milk or milk products I had issues with it. Now I find that If I have regular cottage cheese or american cheese it bothers me. Other hard cheeses do not.  I dont know what protein shake you are using but I used Muscle Milk in the first few weeks because I wanted to avoid the bloat and gas but I think it helped with preventing diarrhea. Hope it helps... P.S. try to drink as much water as possible to replace fluids. Feel better
on 4/15/12 9:11 am
VSG on 03/07/12
I had the same problem the first two weeks -my surgeon said "liquid in, liquid out". It did get better once I started on solids. I was allowed to put Benefiber into drinks, to add bulk and slow it down, which helped. My daughter-in-law swears by "Balmex" for my baby granddaughter's diaper rash and sore bottom, and her stools are pretty much like mine were the first two weeks! (She's 4 weeks old.) Good luck! Hang in there -it will get better!
on 4/15/12 9:37 am
VSG on 04/23/12
 What shake or liquids are you drinking I'm pre-op and Slim fast did that to me, I had to change from that to carnation instant breakfast instead. Hope you feel better soon and get some relief.. I would use Baby Cream


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