I Only feel nourished when eating carbs

on 1/28/14 2:56 am - Canada

This what I have noticed being almost 4 months post op. I only feel nourished and satiated after I eat carbs. Now I'm talking about the good carbs..the soluble carbs from fiber and eating whole grains. Like a 1/3 to a 1/2 cup of 3 bean veggie chili, 1/2 or all of a small whole wheat tortilla or 1/2 cup of (canned in water) peaches or pears or 1/2 a sweet potato. When I incorporate carbs in daily planning which is always between 30-50g a day..I notice a significant difference right away. I feel energized, alert, have better thought processes and less irritability. Which all makes sense considering carbs have an effect on energy levels and cognitive functioning.

I don't feel this way after I have eaten say 3oz of dense protein and 1/2 cup some steamed broccoli. I may feel full but not nourished or feeling "well fed" like I do after carbs. I tend to still feel lethargic and slow. Now this is the way I eat most of the time, more dense proteins and dairy products protein powders and drinks..as I know I need to keep my protein levels up. I am trying now to balance my protein with good carbs in my day.

Has anyone else experienced this feeling and how do you incorporate carbs in your daily eating plan?




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on 1/28/14 3:21 am - OK
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I had a really hard time eating all of that meat, and have transitioned to a vegan diet.  I still keep my carbs relatively low, about 80-100 a day.  I too feel much more full and satisfied with my plant based diet than I ever did eating the meat.  And I feel satisfied a lot longer, too.  I assume it's from all the fiber I'm taking in now.  I'm still fine tuning my eating, but right now I eat 3 meals and 2 snacks a day.  My meals are protein based and one meal has a whole grain with it.  My two snacks are plain veggies usually with salsa.  So far, so good.  The jury is still out on how my weight loss is going to be effected as I've only recently transitioned after slacking off and just trying to maintain during the holidays.  I should have been better, but that was then and this is now and I'm back on track.  I'm still working on getting even more protein and less carbs in my diet.  Just ordered 3 cookbooks for low carb vegan recipes.  I'm learning as I go.

I think we're all different, and not everyone does a low carb diet that's had surgery, and they have lost weight just fine.  It may be a little slower than eating only 20 grams of carbs a day, but I feel so much better, too.

Best of luck to you,


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on 1/28/14 3:23 am

It's called "carb addiction". Your body is accustomed to burning carbs for fuel. That's all! When you 'switch fuels' and eat dense protein for example, you feel lethargic and slow.

For many people, carb addiction isn't a big deal. I know plenty of co-workers who will eat a bowl of granola cereal in skim milk, a piece of fruit, and a low fat yogurt sweetened with sugar for breakfast, and consider that a balanced meal.

For some of us though, carbs trigger a cycle of overeating that leads to weight gain. And for a very unlucky few, the carb digestion cycle leads to type II diabetes. I'm one of the carb-sensitive overeating types. I can't stop at one bowl of cereal for example - I take half the box. And so on.

I think a great many bariatric patients are carb-sensitive in some way or another. Carbs trigger a drug-like sensation in the brain, and that's why you hear about people eating whole cartons of ice cream or whole pizzas in a sitting. It's a brain chemistry drug high - it's like heroin - that compels them to do things like that. That's when I'm furious when "diet gurus" encourage these people to fill their plates with fruit and garbage like "Special K" cereal. It's like giving them more heroin, just from a different dealer.

Studies have shown, over and over again, that when the focus returns to lean proteins and good carbs (more in a minute), weight begins to normalize.

Good carbs in my book are not powdered dairy, potatoes or canned pears, but non-starchy vegetables like broccoli, zucchini, peppers and onions.

Eating a diet low in carbs may make you feel sluggish, tired, headachey and grouchy for a time. My 'detox' lasted two weeks. After that, energy and focus starts to return. You just have to give your body time to switch fuels.

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on 1/28/14 3:34 am - VA

There's got to be some truth to this because I don't follow the carb route and I get none of the issues originally mentioned.

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on 1/28/14 3:53 am
VSG on 05/01/13 with

Hey freckles, what ever works for you and by the looks of your ticker your doing just fine..you may not be a carb addict, it may not trigger anything In you, you maybe a crunchy, salty person who has no issues and that's great..I have carb/sugar issues, they do trigger me and I find it hard to stop once I start, but I'll tell you what, being 85 lbs down, I stop right away cause I didn't do this all for nothing, I have to learn control to have a balanced life, it's a work in progress, but I weigh everyday to keep me accountable, I have a swing weight I NEVER go beyond and as long as I'm plugged into what I'm doing consciencely and unconsciencely that's all I can do, and that's all anyone can do..


on 1/28/14 4:18 am - Canada

Thanks Jane, for your pertinent and concise feedback to my questions. I would think it would be from more fiber in your diet that you feel better. Good luck with your plant based vegan diet, would like to know some of the interesting recipes you will be trying.



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on 1/28/14 4:26 am - OK
VSG on 07/05/13

I've started a blog (www.thebariatricvegan.com) and I'm posting my successful recipes on there.  The site is a mess...pictures upside down and stuff like that...as I'm still trying to figure out how to run the site, but the recipes have links to them from the front page.  There doesn't seem to be very many of us vegan bariatric patients, so I decided to record my ups and downs on a public forum.  I'm a work in progress!


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on 1/28/14 6:57 am
VSG on 10/30/13

I have no room for anything but protein at this point, 3 months out. I can't even imagine doing 3oz of protein plus 1/2 cup of veggies. It makes my tummy hurt to even think about it. 

I suppose I'm the odd duck here. I haven't had any beans, beef, egg, veggies or fruit.  Part of it is because of the problems people have posted about issues about beef and eggs, part is not wanting any gas related foods and I can't even fathom having potatoes or sweet potatoes.  








on 1/28/14 9:46 am
VSG on 03/07/14

Thank you for this post. I am going to have to be more moderate on carb restriction. I have a history of brain injury and get headaches/dizzy without any carbs. The brain is used to using glucose as its most available energy source. It sounds like you are using high fiber/dense carbs and still at a low level! I will try to do that to. It also sounds like you plan them out-avoiding just grabbing at carbs. That is awesome!

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on 1/29/14 12:07 am - Canada

Finding my weigh-Everybody can be different when trying to start incorporating new foods early on post op in this WLS journey. I still have difficulty with eggs, don't know why..I love eggs..just don't sit right in my sleeve no matter what style I cook them. You will get there eventually :-)

Ginger Jen- Yes you are so right..Fiber/nutrient dense carbs seem to be the way to go..especially for me. From what I've learnt..even though it's tedious and work..planning your daily eating intake and keeping track is the way to go. I find I can moderate and balance my protein and carbs while keeping my protein between 70-80g and carbs 30-50g a day. My strategy moving forward is.. If I know I'm going to allow some good carbs in my diet..I won't be so inclined to reach for my trigger carbs where I can't eat just a small amount..like popcorn..yummy breads..crackers..etc.. I've also learnt to take it one day at a time..So far so good!

Good luck!


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