Not getting protein in

on 5/18/14 2:02 am

I had my sleeve on March 19, 2014. I haven't been able to get hardly any of my protein in. My stomach is nauseous all the time and I'm not eating much either.. I'm keeping in touch with my drs office. I tried drinking a protein shot yesterday and about threw up. It was awful. Any ideas would be welcome.

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Gwen M.
on 5/18/14 3:21 am
VSG on 03/13/14

What does your surgeon recommend?  What have you tried to eat?  How much are you drinking just of regular liquids?  

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on 5/18/14 4:03 am - Ontario, Canada
VSG on 05/13/13 with

Sorry to hear you are having issues. I think it is smart to ask for suggestions and the trick is to play around with different things until you find something that works for you. For the first 3-4 months after I started on solids I pretty much ate the same thing. Around 8 months out I started to expand and now I eat quite a wide array of foods. You'll get just have to be patient.

I found those protein shots very nauseating...I'd lay off them if you can. Have you tried egg whites? 1/2 cup has 60 cals and 14 grams of protein. I have them every morning pretty much.

If you are able to stomach yoghurt can you make sure you get greek style yoghurt without all the sugars. Just plain and add some sugar free flavouring to it. 3/4 cup of Oikos 2% plain yoghurt had 130 cals and around 17 g of protein I believe. You can always add some unflavoured protein powder to the yoghurt to push up the protein level even higher.

Have you tried some of the Syntrax Sweets protein powders? I find mixed with unsweetened vanilla almond milk and a bunch of ice cubes they go down extremely well and are quite satisfying. In particular I like Vanilla Bean Torte, as do many people I have seen posting on the boards.

Another thing in my first 6 months I ate daily was 1% or 2% cottage cheese. Either mixed with some blueberries or raspberries (a handful), cinnamon, or just salt and pepper. I know for some people cottage cheese is a turn off due to the texture but just try it with some different add ins and see if you can handle it. Again, it packs a pretty good protein punch for the calories.

If you are on My Fitness Pal or another tracking website try going back and looking at the diaries of people that are past the early stages. See what other people eat and use that as a guide to give you some ideas of what to try. I am a year out and I still do this.

Good luck

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on 5/18/14 5:20 am
VSG on 04/14/14

I bought unflavored protein (isopure) I make a lot of refried beans, eat about 1.5 ounces add in a half of scoop of powder, mix well. Top with shredded cheese and taco sauce. Or canned hormel turkey chili, half a scoop of protein mix and top with shredded cheese. I've also found recipes for protein pancakes (Pinterest) that I want to try. Some use mashed bananas some used almond flour. Then I drink Syntrax nectars mixed with crystal light. 

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on 5/18/14 5:27 am - Davison, MI

Those protein shots are NOT the kind of protein your body can use and are NOT good for you.  Isopure makes a clear liquid protein that are easier to get in.  I also use the Syntrax Nectar which is very thin.  I would take the Fuzzy Navel, add a packet of Crystal light orange and sip.  This can be made with as little as 8 oz or up to 16 oz of water to taste and need.  I even thinned it out to 24 oz to make it thinner and get in more fluid.

Proper protein is so important to heal.  Not getting in fluid and protein is a downward spiral.

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on 5/18/14 12:09 pm

Thank you all so much for replying. Great suggestions. I meet with the dietation (sp?) this week to get a game plan together. She had me keep a diary the past few day and we are going to review it.

thanks again.


Kelly Jean
on 5/18/14 12:39 pm
VSG on 04/08/14

Laurie I too have issues with protien ..Today I read about coffee with a scoop of protien and I tried it.... it was about 8 oz of black coffee with 1 scoop of fortress chocolate peanut butter protien. (30grams) mixed up and ice it was awesome... it's like a chocolate mocha .... 1 a day plus a shake and what I eat should bring me to my 80 Wooooo hooooo good luck...that's if u like coffee!!!!


Lisa J.
on 5/19/14 5:32 am - OK

You didn't mention how much water you're getting in????? It's way more important at this very crucial stage to get the water in, as much as humanly possible! Of course protein IS important but you can do well with 1/2 the protein you're getting now as long as you can get 80-100oz of water in right now. I know it seems impossible. You have to drink even if you aren't thirsty!! Even if you've been to the potty 12 times. Keep drinking.

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