Caffeine after surgery

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I'm pre-op with my surgery date next month. I have seen many times to avoid caffeine and sugar. Sugar seems obvious to me but I was wondering if anyone know why caffeine is to be avoided post-op?

I'm a grouchy without my morning coffee..


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Caffeine can lead to dehydration, and for some people, it increases your appetite. Different surgeons have different recommendations about coffee, but here's what the experts at the ASMBS say (link):

Q: Do I need to avoid caffeine after bariatric surgery?

A: Caffeine fluids have been shown to be as good as any others for keeping you hydrated. Still, it is a good idea to avoid caffeine for at least the first thirty days after surgery while your stomach is extra sensitive. After that point, you can ask your surgeon or dietitian about resuming caffeine. Remember that caffeine often comes paired with sugary, high-calorie drinks, so be sure you're making wise beverage choices.

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Thank you for the answer and link. It was very helpful.

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My caution with caffeine is to watch for a transfer addiction situation. A few years ago, I started drinking much more coffee than I used to and I gave myself gastritis which could have led to an ulcer. This could have been very bad as I am an RNY and developing an ulcer in the remnant stomach is no bueno.

So, keep an eye on your consumption and how you feel, even hours after having something with caffeine. It took me way too long to catch on.


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Some surgeons don't want their patients to drink coffee for a few weeks after surgery because coffee can cause some vasoconstriction and they want adequate blood flow to your healing stomach.

on 4/25/19 3:47 am

I forgot why but my surgeon wanted me to stay away from caffeine after post op

i have had no issues with it plus I have had troubles sleeping so it is even better for me

My doctor is pretty strict, no alcohol, no straws, no caffeine and no gum after post op.


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Wow. I've been chewing gum a lot lately to help combat stress. It's good to hear some of these restrictions now so that I am not shocked later when I might be told the same thing.

on 4/25/19 5:52 am

I walked in to my doctors office for my 3 yr post op appt and he made me spit my gum out he said the gum creates extra juice in our stomach or something like that

my doctor and his team are pretty strict and they encourage patients especially when they are in maintainence after wls to utilize their services especially when ppl get off track


on 4/25/19 6:09 am

My program says no caffeine for a year. I think it either was to avoid ulcers or reflux. I have followed all other instructions pretty carefully, but I have had a small coffee twice. I have no food cravings, coffee is the only thing I miss after surgery.

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Unfortunately coffee has been my main motivation for getting up in the morning for years. But I will adapt to the new lifestyle.