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Topic: RE: Almost 8 yrs post VSG

Hi all, My VSG was nearly 8 years ago.

on 7/7/19 2:42 pm
Topic: RE: VSG and GERD

I would guess that you're right. if it's gone now you are likely to be rid of it once your weight is gone.

I know that my GERD resurfaced because of the weight gain, because I was off meds and everything...oh well, this is my incentive to keep going and get this last amount of weight off.

on 7/7/19 11:03 am
Topic: RE: VSG - 10 Years on. Weight Gain - Reflux etc

I had VSG 5 years ago, a HH repair during it, and lost about 85+ lbs. Did great, but some horrible life events lead to some regain. My GERD resurfaced with the regain. I went full on Keto about 20 months ago and lost the regain, but the GERD persists. EGD about 20 months ago found a new HH.

Surgeon also offered me RNY for the GERD, although I'm going to try and lose another 10# on my own and see if it makes the difference.

If not, I'll likely opt for the revision, since I don't want to be on a PPI my entire life. I've been on a PPI for about 17 years already.

on 7/7/19 10:54 am
Topic: RE: VSG and GERD

I had VSG at a very large, nationally 'big name" center of excellence 5 years ago and had previously suffered GERD for about 20 years.

My surgeon gave me the option of VSG vs. RNY but I really wanted the VSG. He was sure that because of HOW I carried my weight, my GERD would be alleviated. I carry pretty much all my weight directly around my belly, and it looks terrible.

I lost 80+ lbs post op and my GERD was almost completely alleviated!!! Yes, I'm happy to report that he was right...however some really bad life events and bad food choices lead to some regain and my GERD resurfaced. I have since lost my regain but the GERD is still irritated, and I continue to take a PPI daily. Hoping that another 10 lbs will do the trick.

on 1/24/19 4:57 pm
Topic: RE: Would you do it again?

ME TOO!!! I actually researched the surgery several years prior after a friend of mine went ahead with it then chickened out. But, at least I am blessed to be where I am now.

on 1/23/19 3:26 pm
Topic: RE: Would you do it again?

Absolutely, hands down, in a hot second YES. I had VSG in 2014 and it's still an ongoing process but it literally saved my life, helped me see the spiral downward that I was in, and was the first step in regaining my health, identity, and my life.

I'm so happy I did it, and I still identify as a bariatric patient. Some around me find it strange that I still go onto bariatric forums almost 5 years post op but I see my eating disorder as a true addiction, and like any other addict I will seek out support and help from others for the rest of my life.

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Topic: RE: What has worked for me almost a year out.

at just about 5 years out, I can attest to the terrible feeling you get with overfill. Yes I still have AMAZING restriction and when I overfill, I still feel completely terrible.

keep up the good work, it's a lifelong process

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Topic: RE: Totally blew it today

well don't beat yourself up too much. what's done is done. move on. just get a quick handle on what you did and start fresh.

though I can't speak for ALL, I think most of us have had this same story at least once or twice. just stay focused, get back on plan and don't dwell on it too much. you'll probably find that you either:

  1. don't feel quite as physically ill as you thought you would, or
  2. you feel totally cruddy

In case it's #1, don't let it go any further and result in regain. that happened for me, I found I COULD and DID start to eat a lot of really bad stuff... in the case of #2, just remember this feeling going forward. you probably won't do it again...

hang in there

on 9/25/18 2:23 pm
Topic: RE: 4 years post- got a problem (diet related)

All, I'm 4.5 years post VSG. Absolutely the BEST thing I ever did for myself. Lost almost all my weight but regained some (very long emotionally charged tale...). Anyway, last year I went full blast onto keto and lost all of my regain.

I purposely planned to 'cycle up' my carbs about 3 weeks ago. The purpose of this was to see how I was doing metabolically and have some medical testing done both IN and OUT of ketosis. med tests look good.

However, I've been trying to get back onto my keto eating style since then and am feeling crappy all the time. the increased fat is killing my stomach. I have nausea and belching. I also noticed that my GERD is going crazy again. it's not carb/sugar withdraw (i'm very familiar with that).

Does anyone have any insight or suggestions. I am making appt to see my surgeon and the Nut tomorrow but it will probably be a few weeks until I can get in.

I'm suspicious that my body is done tolerating keto and now I am going to try just 'bariatric' type eating- high protein, low carb and lower fat.

Thoughts?? and thanks!!

on 7/21/18 4:16 pm
Topic: RE: Keto?? Go!

I do true Keto (strictly) but I'm 4 years post op. At 4 months you should still be focusing on the basics of bariatric surgery.

Once you are ready to move into a maintenance type eating, Keto is great for bariatric patients. But, there has to be a change of thinking as far as what fat, calories, etc mean to the body. There is definite science behind the state of nutritional ketosis and it's not as simple as 'fat=calories'. There are some fantastic published meta-analyses, correlative studies and longitudinal quantitative studies online. Definitely worth taking a look.

Good luck, Keto is a fun adventure

on 7/12/18 10:33 am

I hope giving this info is ok, but I LOVED "Inspire" brand from the website bariatriceating.com. there are many good flavors and one of them is famous for mixing with coffee.

I tried ALL the brands in my 4 years post op, and this brand is BY FAR my favorite.

on 7/10/18 5:34 pm
Topic: RE: The Beginning...

I kept it a secret for a while, while I came to terms with all of the reactions I might get. Once I started telling people, it became the topic of the moment. No matter what, I stayed VERY focused and talked to everyone close to me, mostly so I would have support and they would understand how things would be for me in the long run. I actually sat down with my kids and hubs and talked with them about 3-4 years down the road (which is NOW), about "are we going to be able to avoid having junk in the house even then, because I don't want junk in the house"...(FYI- they do keep junk in the house but i'm super focused and it doesn't phase me).

The one thing I didn't do was tell any family (other than folks). my 'people' are very much into vanity and possessions. I didn't feel any need to explain my private health issues with them, nor did I have the nerve to listen to their criticism without losing my cool.

Leading up to surgery, my thoughts were only good ones, thinking down the road to how different life would be. It is, but I DID have some regain- which I totally conquered...I also remember thinking about being committed to lifelong change, and I remember thinking about how improving my health issues would give me long-term opportunities with my career.

I would do it again in a second, HANDS DOWN. no question. I was very sick, my health was so poor and I was hardly functional. I am so glad I took this path. Even 4 years out I still identify as a bariatric patient and am still proud of the decision.

on 5/17/18 11:21 am
Topic: RE: Anyone try intermittent fasting on VSG?

I do LCHF and incorporate IF as part of it. I am 4 years post VSG and all of my docs, including my surgeon are totally on board with this style of eating for me.

It works great for me, and has helped me lose >40 lbs of regain in about 5 months. My keto macros are calculated and I work with a lifting trainer weekly.

Finally getting where I want to be and have about 20 lbs until my ultimate goal

on 4/23/18 4:46 am
Topic: RE: Back with (some) Regain

I've walked in your shoes! I had VSG in June 2014 and did great, I was THE model patient. did everything by the book. Then, life hit me hard. I moved, changed jobs, went back to school, graduated, lost a parent, went back to school again, switched to night shift- well you get the picture!

Through the first 2 years post op I did fine, I lost my weight and ate like I should. Around year 2.5 I decided to 'test the waters' a bit and well, it all went downhill. I regained over 35 lbs of my initial 80 lb loss. Several health problems resurfaced and I found myself depressed, exhausted from my schedule.

Finally, a health issue smacked me square in the face and I got my act together. Although not for everyone, I found that Keto was the best option for me. I lost 40 lbs since November 18 and feel great. The health issue is pretty much disappeared.

Nobody can tell you what works best for you, but i'll cheer you on as you make the efforts to get back on track!

on 4/5/18 4:51 am
Topic: RE: 4 years post VSG-and FINALLY almost at goal!

heck yes- I think too many surgical patients wake up one day and say "I don't want to identify as a surgical patient anymore" and they sort of lose that perspective. BUT, once you've had surgery you are ALWAYS a surgical patient, even after you've lost your weight. The surgical part (risk for blood thinners, scopes, pouch/sleeve size) etc are there for the rest of your life. AND you should always recognize that step of your journey.

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Topic: RE: 4 years post VSG-and FINALLY almost at goal!

What a rocky journey. I moved, changed careers, went back to school, lost a parent, changed jobs, graduated, went back to school again, had to change doctors, and in the process of all this I regained 30 lbs. How devastating- I was in the midst of serious depression and anxiety. The next thing I knew I was sitting in front of a GI doctor giving me some not-so-good news.

THAT was what it took to pull me out of my fog. THAT day, I committed to ketogenic eating, hydration, and learning who I was. I also started some basic exercises until I was comfortable moving into a gym.

It worked. Today, 4 months later I have lost all of my regain and would like to lose another 30. that was my original goal so I'm sticking to it. My GI doc told me that the news she gave me is in the clear, but I have to take it seriously.

Tonight I go back to the gym. i'm seriously nervous but it's time.

Wow, what a path it has been. YES you can regain your weight. I'm on the right path this time and feeling great..i'm looking forward to getting to goal and seeing a plastic surgeon for multiple procedures. God is good, my faith is restored, my focus is back and I'm only looking forward!

on 11/22/17 2:55 pm
Topic: RE: Kicking my regain to the curb

Thanks everyone. I am seriously thinking of upping my carbs a bit, and lowering the fat some, though, because I don't think I can keep up that level of intake for a long term. It was great to get me going though, and my mindset has changed.

it's all about my health now, and I am putting in the work necessary to get my wellness back. I have a very limited timeline at which i'll have further testing so I was advised to lose as much as possible by then. I have about a month left to go.

I'm going to enjoy Thanksgiving-but not go completely overboard- just enjoy. I'll have small portions, I have made some very low carb choices and it should be a great day. Friday is also an important day for us as far as football, Christmas decorating, and putting up the tree. While I don't plan on blowing it completely over the next 2 days, I'm sure i'll relax a little bit.

However, come Saturday i'm back on track. Since my husband is also doing this with me, we are actually planning on getting back to "bariatric eating" now that we're on track. I want to be able to add more options like bean soups, yogurt, and a few other options that keto doesn't allow.

Thank you all again for your great support

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Topic: RE: Kicking my regain to the curb

All, I have checked in here various times asking for some help with regain. I have struggled so many months with regaining and seemed to have no control over it.

However, I got some medical results about 3 weeks ago that were all I needed to kick my tail into action. I've been doing great since.

I started Keto 2.5 weeks ago and am down 20 lbs and counting! I feel great, BP is normalized, GERD is practically gone, and i'm on track. I have about 15 lbs to lose to be back at my lowest, but honestly i'd love to lose another 20 beyond that, which would put me at my surgeon's goal!!

Anyway I just wanted to check in. I'm doing great and on track.

on 8/11/17 7:13 pm
Topic: RE: Paleo, weight lifting, heavy lifting

Hi all, I'm still struggling with weight regain post surgery. Tried Keto, got pretty yucky feeling from dumping. Tried shake reset, had gut issues ??lactose intolerance (and even with using Fairlife milk) and vomiting. Didn't bother to try the lactose free milk after several days of this.........

Now i'm considering trying Paleo and starting some sort of weight lifting/bodybuilding regimen. I have access to a very successful trainer and she really knows her stuff. I am 4 years out and don't really want to approach a 'bariatric' type diet because, frankly, I eat everything and have no issues with anything and don't really care to live on shakes againl

I'm well aware that Paleo includes a lot of plants, but I eat every couple hours so this shouldn't be an issue. I also love the idea that it's a lot of healthy fats, appropriate carbs, etc.

Wondering if anybody here has switched over to Paleo AND if anybody has insight to lifting? Success, etc???


on 5/19/17 2:56 pm
Topic: RE: Trying SO HARD to get back on track but I need help

thank you both, very helpful suggestions.

I am just spinning my wheels because I feel like TIME is of the essence...and there is a panic in the back of my mind that if I don't get it together very quickly, i'll only have myself to blame if I go back to the Ob/Gyn next month and face a terrible diagnosis.

I believe that the support group for my new surgeon meets the first week of the month but there are a few others within a decent driving distance so i'll search those.

on 5/19/17 1:57 pm
Topic: RE: Trying SO HARD to get back on track but I need help

I could just use some direction as far as what to be eating to get back on track. i'm around 3 years post op and have regained 25 lbs. I lost 60 total so i'm starting to feel like i'm back sliding BIG TIME.

Hubs and I both have to lose and he is willing to do any plan. we were trying Keto but I feel horrible on that and don't know if it's the best option.

I also am dealing with a couple ovarian cysts which are suspicious and having further work up done in 5 weeks. My OB/Gyn doctor is supportive of any diet that is non-inflammatory. From reading online it looks like dairy can be inflammatory as well as most grains.

I just feel super distracted with all of this, but in any case I really need to try and lose some weight and get my diet as cleaned up as possible in the next 5 weeks.

The nut at my surgeon's office is booked for 4 weeks and I just need some suggestions as far as what to be eating. I do see the bariatric surgeon in about 12 days because he wanted to talk with me about possible revision due to ongoing GERD.

I did so well post op for the first 12 months but had to change doctors twice (insurance) and feel like I have no direction now. Can anybody give me some suggestions and direction?

on 5/9/17 11:29 am
Topic: RE: In the process of having surgery...

It depends on how your surgery is done. There is inflammation initially that can last up to 10 months. Once this inflammation subsides you can eat a lot more. Many people confuse this with stretch.

However, it depends on how your surgery was done. if your surgeon uses a very large bougie size, he won't remove all of the stretchy area of the stomach. The upper/outer aspect of your stomach has the most stretch and the majority (or all) of it is removed in a gastrectomy. if your bougie size is very small then this part is all removed.

on 5/9/17 9:00 am
Topic: RE: What supplements do you take?

I take:

Twin Labs Bariatric chewable multi vit (the only bariatric vitamin that I've found that's a once daily)

Citracal chewables 2000mg daily

Vit D 5000 IU daily

B-complex 1 daily

iron 2x/wk

Biotin 10000/day

I know that sounds crazy but I'm not deficient on anything and I attribute it to my regimen. I'm 3 yrs post VSG, most of this regimen was prescribed by my provider.

on 4/19/17 5:45 am
Topic: RE: What foods are impossible for you to eat now?

Ice cream. I can eat a very little bit-1 or 2 spoons, that's it. I have issues with milk too, but have used the lactose free one for my shakes and doing ok. Cheese, yogurt are no problem.

I am 3 years post op and can eat most foods without any issues, but I've learned that just because I CAN doesn't necessarily mean that I SHOULD.

on 4/4/17 10:04 am
Topic: RE: Ketogenic Sleevers

I am keto. I have found that it is the ONLY way to control my hunger. I have struggled with regain and seem to have no issues eating most foods- even all carbs. So turning to Keto was really about my only option to try and combat the regain.

I have found that on days when I really follow the macros for Keto is when I do best. Just eating high protein is not enough for me, I still need to add the fat and keep carbs