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Thank you.!!! I know. Hard. Hard to fight those old urges to...

Pammi G wrote 16 Years out and still maintaining my weight BUT it's hard work 2 years, 2 months ago

Hello!  If anyone still read this blog. 

I usually come back once a year on my anniversary  but have not in 3 years.  What is wrong with me?  Have I forgotten the struggle?

I am 16 ye...

Pammi G wrote Successful WLS causes amnesia! June 2017 6 years, 5 months ago


In a few months I will be 13 years out!  13 years I can hardly believe.  I am at a nice weight but I still...

Pammi G wrote Count Down! Another goal reached May 2017 6 years, 7 months ago


Yes! I will have completed my 3rd maybe 4th of "21 Days to a New Habit" tomorrow. This was a hard 21 days challenge for myself. First usually give myself no time limit to complete because ...

Pammi G wrote 21 Days to a new Habit..... April 2017... It works 6 years, 8 months ago

Happy April 2017..WOW. 

Well I have been doing for over a year now 21 days to a new Habit and it works.  My habit that I have revised and have completed so many times I can't count is exerci...

Pammi G wrote Happy March 1, 2017... And back on track! 6 years, 9 months ago

Happy March 1, 2017! I am back on track.


Yes, I have gained weight but I have found my way back.  Water, protein and exercise.  I am loving it! It is ...

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Pammi G wrote February 2017 will I see my shadow? 6 years, 10 months ago

Happy Ground Hogs Day!  Really.  Yes, I will see my shadow but it will be less.  Like many I have made a New Years Resolution to be more watchful of my water and food...

Pammi G wrote January 17, 2017 Happy New Year? 6 years, 10 months ago

Happy New Year, belated.

My dear friends in this weight loss journey, I have gained weight!  After 11 years!  I'm kinda upset with myself but after just reading my old posts, I see how far I...

Pammi G wrote 11 years out! 7 years, 2 months ago

11  years out!  I have almost forgotten the pain of being overweight, obese.  Techanically, I am still obese but I feel so much better. I am going to have knee surgery replacment next year. My poor...

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10 years out + 1 - Thank you Lord for bringing me to this place.  I am happy and blessed beyond measure.  10 years, no serious complications. No huge weight gain.  Still lovin' life and smiling.

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You look wonderful! I luv your hair, make up and most of all your...

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1 more month to 9 years out. WOW - I can't believe I am almost 9 years out! 9 years!  The Lord has blessed me more than 2 hands can hold.  I hope my success and failures will help someone else.  My only regrets from...

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I am so proud of you! It is so good to see RNY people doing well so...

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Have I forgotten?? - April 23, 2014.   The answer is "yes" I have forgotten.  Being so far out I have forgotten the pain of being obese. The struggle of the insurance company, surgery and recovery.  ...

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I just got my OH email. 8 years out! - WOW!  What can I say to encourage someone who is obese to look at this surgery?  It has so changed my life for the better.  I again stress my life was not bad before the surgery...

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That sounded so like my experience with personal trainers. I know...

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October 25, 2012 -  What a wonderful morning!   This is one of those days that the Lord has blessed me so abundantly, I have to bless others! My WLS is a blessing everyday!   Going to the doctor t...

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You are looking great! I've been on you friends list since the start.....

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Sept 19, 2012 -  HELLO!  Well if anyone should read this... 7 years out!  Just went to the doctor.  Yes, I have gained some weight but it looks good. I have been lifting weights and exercising....

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