February 2017 will I see my shadow?

Feb 02, 2017

Happy Ground Hogs Day!  Really.  Yes, I will see my shadow but it will be less.  Like many I have made a New Years Resolution to be more watchful of my water and food and it works.  As we all know it will work.  If I keep to what was taught when I had surgery 11 years ago, It will still work today.  Water, protein, exercise.

I had one of those swallow test, so they can view how the pouch is working.  My pouch is very enlarged so that is why I don't feel it.  I keep trying to understand my appetite and keep it in check.  That's hard.  But the few pounds I have lost in January are worth it. It's my start. I have always exercised even when I was 365.  I love to walk and Sweat to the Oldies! (remember that one!) So exercise is not my issue...eating... and eating the wrong things.  So February will find me drinking water, watching my snacking and going to Las Vegas...Hooray.


As my friend Maxine says "That which does not kill us makes us bitter. Really Bitter)  


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