Happy March 1, 2017... And back on track!

Mar 01, 2017

Happy March 1, 2017! I am back on track.


Yes, I have gained weight but I have found my way back.  Water, protein and exercise.  I am loving it! It is strange how you know something works then get away from it!  Strange.  Have lost some weight and clothing fitting better just better attitude all the way around.  I have been busy.  Went to Las Vegas last month… AGAIN.  Went to a comedy show, a NPR show and going to a concert this week.  Yes, I am staying really busy.  I really see now how many of us lose our way sometimes.  I lost my way for many months but now I see again.  I had stopped doing things for myself like pedicures or buying books I love to read.  Life is too short as we all know and this is my birthday month too. I am back on track and will work on staying there.


Yesterday was Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras.   I have a Maxine cartoon that says "They should give out bead for HOT flashing!"  and I agree!  

Happy 1st day of March, I will pray, reflect and give.



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