Well this is going to be fun

Mar 13, 2023

Had my first doctor appointment today. I will say I love the doctor and the staff. He explained everything from start to finish on the process, had a good bedside manner but also didnt surgar coat things. Of all the things I have to do before the actual surgery the one that hit me the hardest was having to lose 50lbs. I knew that I would have to quit smoking, I knew that I would be cutting soda out and I knew that I would have to lose weight before the sugury to shrink my liver. however, I didnt expect it to be 50lbs. That number hurt my soul. If I could have lost 50lbs I wouldnt be in this mess. That deflated me. I know I can do it, its just seems like a huge number to lose when I have been struggling so hard to lose weight in the first place. I have my nutritionist appointment tomorrow. So hopfully I can pull my brain out of the funk before speaking with her. 

I know my relationship with food is a bad one. I emotional eat, I eat when im bored, I eat when im not even hungry because somedays its my only friend. Which typing that last part is very telling to me. My counseling appointment cant come soon enough. I need to fix this brain of mine.


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