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Feb 27, 2024

Hello all its been awhile. So last time I posted it was April of last year after that horrible phyc eval appointment. I went off the in to a really bad depression and was just going through the motions for like 2 months. My friends really rallied and helped get me back to where I needed to be and focused. 


I dove back into being a better me and working toward getting the sleeve surgery. I got all my requirments done in with the final being that phyc eval, I put it off cuz I just didnt want to see that guy again. However, after getting everything done, even losing the 50lb the doc required, I ended up in the hospital because i had the worst back spasm I had ever had. They did a scan and I had a cyst on my ovary that had grown to the size of a football. I never knew it was there. Because it was the holiday season the surgen couldnt get to it unil a few weeks ago, I had it removed on Feb 6th. I'm doing good and recovering. 

Now to get to the the big update. My gastric sleeve is scheduled for March 20th. I start the liquid diet on the 1st.  I am excited and freaking out. The surgery was always this abstract thing, something that yes I was working toward and want. Now that its real I still want to do this because I NEED to do this but I am terrified. Its ACTUALLY happening. Its REAL and its here. The change that I have been wanting, the health that I need and am striving for is now coming to pass. 

I feel like im having a panic attack and its now just all overwhelming. The PLANNING, all the things that I have reserched, everything I knew I would need to do, its all coming to fast for me to process. 

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