ten.: one year

Dec 30, 2008

December 27th, 2008:

Today i am proudly celebrating life!... not quite the birth of life from womb form. But more like a rebirth of ones self. December 27th, 2007 I took the first step in changing my life forever. I have no regrets, no complications, no snoring, no aching feet, no aching back, no darkness around my neck, no sores behind my knees, no dark spot on my facial cheeks, no stomach hanging to my thighs, no jelly rolls on my back, no aching bra straps, no sleep apnea, no hunger pains, no eating for comfort & love, no asthma, and most of all no depression due to my lack of self esteem. My mind is clear, open, as wide as the sky! NO more close mindedness. I'm free! One year ago....I begin to change. me. And i vow to never turn back. For i am on a cosmic journey...to just. be.....

"Life Is Not About Finding Yourself, Life Is About Creating Yourself" - George Bernard Shaw


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