eleven.: L.A.

Jan 16, 2009

To the average Vegas is Sin City. But for me...Los Angeles is Sin ctiy! and everytime i go its an adventure out of my comfort zone. I've lost 20 more lbs since the last time i was there in Oct.! And I must admit I'm looking pretty fly now a days..LOL. So I ALREADY KNOW! I'mma get out there and wil' out!. Ok So the point of me going to LA is because one of my good friends chicago step...and they're hosting a steppers competition. So the entire weekend is geared around partying & dancing. The closer i get to LA my ego starts to surface. As if I'm Beyonce morphing into Sasha Fierce! It's crazy...but this place just does something to me! I'm more out going....Confident...Risky...Flirty....Vibrant! All the things im NOT...here in the Bay Area. But yet I'm unable to put my finger on exactly what it is about LA that brings this out of me! I'm tryna stay humble...lord knows I Am! But it's hard resisting those L.A. flashing lights...

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