Stall and slowed loss

Jul 11, 2017

 I struggled with nausea for about 10 days near the end of my first month so eating was next to impossible. I lost 30ish pounds!!! Now for the last 13 days I've not lost anything, in fact I'm up a pound.

I've heard folks talk about an early 'stall' and am assuming this is one of them. I'm not worried about it, I'm doing everything as close to right as I can manage and know in the long run I can't help but lose weight.

There are a few things I keep reminding myself of:

a) I was getting minimal calories the first two weeks after surgery which meant significant loss (even if it didn't say so on the scale at the time due to the water retention component of the inflammation)

b) Losing 10% of 370 lbs = 37 lbs, now losing 10% of 305 = 30.5 lbs. Soon, losing 10% of 250 = 25... The more we lose the less we need to lose to make significant health changes (that come with each 10%).

c) I did this for health benefits not to reach a certain number. I've lost a total of roughly 17% of my starting weight - and man are the changes ever noticeable.

d) I'm now eating real food with real calories, carbs and fat. AND the nausea is gone so I can actually eat now. I'd have been surprised if I'd lost much in the last couple of weeks.

Even with the surgery my team has told me more than a 4 pound loss per week is too much (for me - someone still weighing 450lbs it might be a different number).

I'll keep doing what I'm doing and work on my discipline for sleep hygeine and exercise. I hold myself in love and compassion practicing patience, persistance and perseverance (thank you Beth Bianca).


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