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Jul 05, 2012

it has been a while.I have moved. i am down to 309 from 534. i will set a new pic up in a bit.All i can say to anyone who is thinking about this surgery. DO IT. I have had many issues since this. But NOTHING can change how i feel. my life is better i am doing things i havent since,.... well ever. if for anyreason u need to reach me to ask me anything about this i will be happy to answer questions. [email protected]
be good guys. remember this is only a tool. make sure u use it right
and if u slip. just get back to isnt a big deal 


the new scale....

Nov 23, 2010

I went out and got a new scale tonight. it is 400 max, I know i am not near that yet but i will. My roommate/friend jason is  here from texas for thanks giving. thinks are going ok. wish they were a bit better.

after having open,

Oct 27, 2010

I have been pretty weak, having a gtube in for a while doesnt make things better. But today I walked around two full blocks. Granted, We stoped alot but 2 blocks after something like this is impressive. I am hopeing to do it again tomarrow. I am really excited to be able to execise soo. I get my tube removed on the 12th. till then, I will be working on walking and trying to releave this pain. 

omg i live

Oct 26, 2010

I have had my surgery, It had not gone as planed but it is still done.
I ended up having it open. which i must say hurts :( but I know all the pain is worth it.
they took out my Galbladder, and a extra spleen i had. the only complaint i have about this
whole thing is this drain in my side. They want me to have it in for 4 weeks  ;/
IT has only been like a week and a few days and I am already sick of it.
According to my scale, I have lost 28 pounds in less then 2 weeks .
start of pre surgery shakes i was 534 I am now 477 so I am on my way.
IT is hard cause I can not see it. but people around me are commenting.
So just wanted to stop in and update.  keep fighting the good fight and push to live.

new Dr :(

Mar 03, 2010

I am writeing to let anyone know that is following my journey. I was with a dr that was working on his
Center of excellance. After about  a year, I decided i was not waiting for Dr Fullar, He was not contacting me
and I started looking for a new DR. I Found DR Baker. So i swiitched. and I must say I feel He is gonna be
the right DR to help me with this Surgery. So I am waiting to find out what is going on with his time line.
I have a Bad Galbladder. So Dr baker is going to  see if he can get me in to have the surgery. to remove the
galbladder and do my open Gastric bypass. So I am happy with my choice. I just hope this will  move along
for me. thanks for your support i will update again like in a month of if i get some more info

current time

Dec 06, 2009

well guys i know i have not been around much. I been trying to find something to do to take my mind off of the no movement on my dr. They were supposta have thier center of excellence the end of the summer/begain of fall. well nothing and it is december. so lil unsure. But i am alive, in canada. yay! hopefully things will be better when i  come back.

eval testing

Jun 15, 2009

I had the second test and meeting with the shrink. I am really unsure what is the need for this testing done. I mean as long as i am not sucideal this surgery is  greater then anything i need to work through. while talking to him i really feel i have some undeal with issues since my mother died. I gonna start going to conucleing. Just not with him. I understand that  I am fat. I understand that I got here cause of my emotions. But why do people always feel that  "fat" people benge eat. I mean i have 2 other roommates and i eat less then them. For a person to ask if i Go out of my way to buy a cake and eat it all is retarded.
But hopefull this eval went ok, and if not i will work and do what i have to to make sure i can have this tool to change my life.
It is just dishearthing to have someone not listen or hear what i am saying about how i eat. I am being really carefull. I write down what i eat. I watch what I have been doing. To be honest will power is over rated. If you dont want to eat it make sure it is not in the house. If you really feel like you want something make sure it is a very small potion. I understand this and am working on it. So i hope that this step is done so i have one more thing off my list. If you have any imput let me know.


omg :( epic eval

Jun 08, 2009

Today, I went in for my mental evaluation. and I can say wow.
it was one of the longest test i have taken in a long long time.
to start i made this appointment like a month ago. I made sure to ask
if they took medicare and medicade. and they said yes. well when i got there
I sat in my wheelchair (had foot surgery) in the very small office. 1/2 hour later
the lady comes in and does a check off of who was there.  She takes me in one of the back
rooms and starts explaining the fees of this test and eval. I was confused at first.
I said "doesn't my insurance cover this!?" she said she had never had medicare cover
this eval. and she would need 300 dollars from me before i could do the test. So I was
lil mad and said, why did your office say my insurance would cover this if it does not.
she replied that she would have to call this one lady to find out for me. So here i sit in
a wheelchair looking really stupid waiting for like a hour and a half. then low and behold,
my insurance covers it... after she wanted me to go to an ATM and get her 300 dollars.
so make this story shorter then it could be. it has been a long day and i will be
one step closer to finding that tool to make me healthier.


what is going on :(

Jun 06, 2009

I am writeing this to put my thought and concerns down.
my dr which said that he would contact me in a month with the other items and test I
will need before he can see me, well, it has been over a month. I feel like i will need to call
in and find out what the hold up is. which is rather flustating. I was hopeing this proess would
not  be a hurry up and wait. I know that it takes alot of things to be able to get the surgery.
But the wait with no updates is nerve wrecking. Monday I have my appointment with the shrink.
He will give me a written test to make sure i dont have any screws loose. this test is normal for this surgery
to make sure you are able to handle the responsabiltys of what is gonna happen to you after surgery.
I was kinda hopeing to find some people on here which can help guide me on this. if this is all normal?
or should I be concerned. any who. I will keep updateing this. hopeing that i will reach or help someone
when they are needing it. I have been bed sick for a few weeks now. I had a surgery done on my foot. and
i am unable to walk on it currently. I am hopeing that i will get the ability to walk on it soon, it is driving me nuts to
Not go to the gym and do all the things i was working so hard on. it seem though i have maintained the wieght
I was hopeing to lose about 80 pounds before oct. but with this set back. we shall see.  I will post again in a few days when
i get word on my surgery.

the Long wait

May 27, 2009

At the moment I weight 495 Pounds. My life is pretty sedentary and incomplete.
I have started a process to Begin the surgery . On May 1st, 2009 I went to a seminar
which was required to start this  road. I had started this process before in 2004 .
But  I ended Up moving and losing the chance to have it done. 
I have lost everything in my Life when I was 21 I used food and depression to hide from
the pain and before I knew it I was sitting at 630 Pounds and barely able to walk. I met this
man who could see me for who I was. which is in the photo with me.He walked with me,
he showed me that I was a Person  that deserved to Live not just exist. I stayed with him
in Canada for 8 months and almost lost 140 pounds. Since Obesity is Concerded a disease
I could not remain there  with him. So I started this long journey I move In with a friend and joined a
fitness center. I have maintained the weight loss.and started looking for a surgeon that accepts my
medical insurance.  I found on 2 and a half hours from where i am living. it has been almost a month
since the seminar. They said that they would make our charts and send us a letter with what else  I will
need to do before my meeting with the surgeon. As Of right now they have not achieved their Center of Excellence.
Which means  that my insurance will not cover it. So they are setting things up so when they acheive this in August ,
I will have all of my pre-op done and be ready to go.As of right now I am just on this long Hold.
I am hoping to find some support and friends here to help and guide me through this process.
Thank you for reading my story.
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