omg i live

Oct 26, 2010

I have had my surgery, It had not gone as planed but it is still done.
I ended up having it open. which i must say hurts :( but I know all the pain is worth it.
they took out my Galbladder, and a extra spleen i had. the only complaint i have about this
whole thing is this drain in my side. They want me to have it in for 4 weeks  ;/
IT has only been like a week and a few days and I am already sick of it.
According to my scale, I have lost 28 pounds in less then 2 weeks .
start of pre surgery shakes i was 534 I am now 477 so I am on my way.
IT is hard cause I can not see it. but people around me are commenting.
So just wanted to stop in and update.  keep fighting the good fight and push to live.


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