omg :( epic eval

Jun 08, 2009

Today, I went in for my mental evaluation. and I can say wow.
it was one of the longest test i have taken in a long long time.
to start i made this appointment like a month ago. I made sure to ask
if they took medicare and medicade. and they said yes. well when i got there
I sat in my wheelchair (had foot surgery) in the very small office. 1/2 hour later
the lady comes in and does a check off of who was there.  She takes me in one of the back
rooms and starts explaining the fees of this test and eval. I was confused at first.
I said "doesn't my insurance cover this!?" she said she had never had medicare cover
this eval. and she would need 300 dollars from me before i could do the test. So I was
lil mad and said, why did your office say my insurance would cover this if it does not.
she replied that she would have to call this one lady to find out for me. So here i sit in
a wheelchair looking really stupid waiting for like a hour and a half. then low and behold,
my insurance covers it... after she wanted me to go to an ATM and get her 300 dollars.
so make this story shorter then it could be. it has been a long day and i will be
one step closer to finding that tool to make me healthier.


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