eval testing

Jun 15, 2009

I had the second test and meeting with the shrink. I am really unsure what is the need for this testing done. I mean as long as i am not sucideal this surgery is  greater then anything i need to work through. while talking to him i really feel i have some undeal with issues since my mother died. I gonna start going to conucleing. Just not with him. I understand that  I am fat. I understand that I got here cause of my emotions. But why do people always feel that  "fat" people benge eat. I mean i have 2 other roommates and i eat less then them. For a person to ask if i Go out of my way to buy a cake and eat it all is retarded.
But hopefull this eval went ok, and if not i will work and do what i have to to make sure i can have this tool to change my life.
It is just dishearthing to have someone not listen or hear what i am saying about how i eat. I am being really carefull. I write down what i eat. I watch what I have been doing. To be honest will power is over rated. If you dont want to eat it make sure it is not in the house. If you really feel like you want something make sure it is a very small potion. I understand this and am working on it. So i hope that this step is done so i have one more thing off my list. If you have any imput let me know.


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