Another one? Seriously?

Aug 22, 2012

Failed with sleeve, having regained 50 lbs of the original 90 I lost. The sleeve was never as effective for me as it was for other patients as I was constantly struggling with hunger that others didn't seem to be experiencing. (see previous posts). The additude of my original surgeon was sort of scolding, even while I was being 100% compliant. This resulted in my not following up with his office as I should have. I just quit going. I lost 90 lbs and although the last 40 lbs eluded me, I felt like a normal person and not "obese". (what an ugly word. I wish this website would change the name of this site too. Maybe to "fluffy")My biggest mistake was not doing due diligence and enough research prior to having the sleeve. "I don't care, just do it!". Had I researched a bit more, I would have better understood why some of the restrictions were required and how not following them religiously can negatively impact your long term success. I was told "no fluids 30 minutes prior to or after a meal. I had been told that this was because I'd get full too fast and not have room for my protein and I'd feel uncomfortable. But the other reason is that IT STRETCHES YOUR POUCH!.i had been told not to ever drink carbonated beverages because it would make me feel gassy and uncomfortable. But


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