Aug 25, 2012

Friday had to go to hospital for ultrasound of my leg.  Doc's office flipped out a bit when I called to report that my right leg and foot was really really swollen. Could hardly tell I had toes. It was ridiculous. And why only 1 leg? Anyway, they sent me for ultrasound to check for clots and that was clear which is a good thing. Then yesterday started spiking a temp at 101 and called the doc's office. The main man himself was on call and he thinks that these symptoms may be from my lung issues that happened from the GERD that they fought to figure out for over a year. He has put me on antibiotics. I'm scheduled to see him Wed anyway but if fever doesn't go, then he wants to see me Monday.  Really, I'm not in the mood for this. I want my life back. I probably should call pulmonologist for a follow up visit too. Haven't seen him since pre surgery. I was kind of hoping that he and Dr. Jawad would talk or consult or something. I don't think they have. Haven't felt any GERD or done much coughing since the surgery.  They mentioned there were infiltrates on my lungs on the xray they took a couple days after, but maybe they were residual from the aspiration pneumonia pre surgery and just need time to be absorbed into my body.

I am so sick of liquids!  Am anxious to start phase 3 (soft foods) of the diet. A scrambled egg would be so nice...Would probably be ok to eat one now but I want to be 100% compliant. I tend to be one of those people that think I know better than the doctors (although sometimes I do!) but in this case, I will let the esophagus, intestine, stomach heal like I'm supposed to. If I have another complication, won't be my fault!

Yesterday was feeling cruddy so slept most of the day. . Will try to get up and get a little exercise in today without over doing it. Also did not use my lung spirometer but once. Will get on the ball with that today too.


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