10 days later

Aug 23, 2012

Still home recovering from the open bypass surgery. Incision is a lot less painful than it was and I can move a little more easily. I even was able to cough, albeit gingerly without thinking I was going to tear this huge incision apart.

My right leg and foot are really swollen. Major edema going on. Wonder why or if its anything to worry about. I started taking my blood pressure meds again this morning. Should probably continue til I get some of the weight off to get off it completely and not taking it may be why I'm experiencing elephant leg. Otherwise, I'm following the dietary guidelines religiously, drinking my water and taking my vitamins. I'm slowly getting stregnth back and am following the recommendations on walking for 30 min a day, even if I am breaking them into 10 min. chunks.  Tomorrow I may add some very light stregnth training exercises as shown in the booklet they gave me.

I wonder if I've lost any weight? I weighed myself before I left hospital and was really unhappy that I had somehow GAINED 3 lbs even though I'd only had ice chips and diet jello the entire week I was there. I will assume that is fluid retention related to the surgery.. Plan to resist temptation to weigh myself until I go to Dr. Jawad next Wed. for my first post op follow up.


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