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Aug 30, 2012

Had my first post op visit yesterday. Have lost 13 lbs which is great, but also found out that they had been using a height of 5'9" for me, I'm only 5'5".  So that got corrected, as I watched my BMI soar. Ok, it didn't really soar, but still...

Turned out I was supposed to get scheduled to see Dr. Jawad, but they put me in with nurse practitioner instead. She had never had a patient that had an open surgery before so she was not comfortable answering ANY of my questions.
When can I go back to work? When can I drive? Can I move to phase 3 of diet yet? She was very unsure. She thought maybe I could accelerate faster as this was a revision. But then maybe I should go slower because it was so complicated.
Guess I'd rather she just say she doesn't know than guess, but I was hoping for some answers.

Anyway, she will see Dr. J on Friday and discuss my list of questions with him and call me back.

Pain is pretty much gone. I experimented today with a scrambled egg for lunch. It tasted sooo good but did experience a little bit of dumping-guess it was the shredded cheese I added, albeit only a teaspoon. It also just sat there for HOURS so I guess I need to stay on stage 2 another week or two. And buy fat free cheese.  I want some real food! Puddings and shakes, and yogurt are getting sooo old. Oh well. Enough whining.

Trying to increase my activity level a bit from 30 min to a little more. Tire out so easily but I think the only way to do that is just to keep slowly increasing. I know from previous experience that open surgeries can take nearly a year before you have your full stamina back.  I'm bored and want to get back to work but I know I still tire too easily. Asked nurse to see if Sept. 13 works for Dr. J and that gives me a couple weeks to get my stregnth back up.


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