Looks like a go!

Nov 02, 2010

So after making my apt with the Kane Center I had to go through the entire process again. Had to go to the seminar, visit the nutritionist, the nut doctor and all the waiting that goes into it. I met with the exact same people I had before, and only one remembered that I had done this all before. This time it paid off, I received my approval letter and was so excited I was shaking!

I contacted the Dr office and told them I was approved, and now I am completing the "next step" appointments. Including 2 classes psych and diet, an ultra sound and a visit with the pulmonologist. My excitement level went down a bit after finding that all my appointments will not be completed until the end of November, and I will not get a date until I have completed all of these. So it will probably be Jan or Feb before I can get a date. At this point and the time and effort, ups and downs, time is flying by and I am determined to get through this leg of the race no matter what!!

I can see the starting line now, and Im ready to go!!


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