Dec 29, 2010

I am now just over 2 weeks out and things are looking good. Im still in some pain, but it now feels like someone has punched me in the gut, instead of taking kickboxing lessons on my abs. Every day gets a little bit better.

Very anxious to start eating "normal" foods. I did not realize how badly I would miss chewing! I have what I call memory hunger, where Ill see or think of something I used to love, but when i sit down to really "eat" I have no interest in putting anything in my mouth, which I guess is a good thing.

Still adjusting but already seeing the differences in my clothes and the reactions of people I have seen hundreds of times over. Had a bit of a HA HA moment when a guy at work jogged to catch up to me to ask me who I was. I work in the same area as he has for the last year and passed by him several times..but now he had to catch up to me. I giggled to myself and admitted that yes it did feel nice to get noticed...

Excitedly waiting more changes and whats instore for me in the future!!


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