Things Ive Learned..about ME

Jan 27, 2011

I have been getting pretty profound DUH moments.

Like when I thought my gosh I am eating sooo much, how could this be. When in fact I was eating very little several times a day, all adding up to less than 500 cals a day. That realization made me laugh out loud at myself for second guessing what I had been doing. Now I am working on trying to get that up to atleast 900, though I am still avg about 600.

Or when I felt like why wasn't I losing weight FAST enough. Then remembered that Ive lost 20 lbs in little over a month, HELLO, thats no small feat.

And in the most recent, I bought a scale, because the waiting 3 weeks between my last apt weigh in and the next is about ready to kill me. Getting on in the morning im 202..or sometimes 205..or sometimes 206. I have to stop and tell my self that I feel good, I know I look better and the numbers will move and I shouldn't stress so much about it. But we all stress, and obsess..

I have realized also how much I loved to EAT. I loved to sit down with good food, sometimes not even good food (nothing to do with nutrition either) and I would love to eat. Now I hate to eat. Eating has become a chore. Cooking small amts for one person becomes a hassle. Probably why my cal intake is where it is. But breaking free from the live to eat mentality and mode is one of the best things that has happened! I no longer see food in the same way as I did before. It is no longer the comfort or boredom go to.

Since my surgery I have found that I was so attached to food, the amt of cals in and out and the numbers on the scale. Now after my surgery,  I still see that I have my head to rewire some. But it is starting with these realizations, slowly, but forever and I am happy about that!!


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