A little past 1 year

Dec 31, 2011

It has been a year since my surgery, and it was the best decision I ever made. When I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, I said screw this.. I will not be THAT person.

Though at times I felt that it was taking forever, the last year went by so fast and the weight just dropped off. I officially lost 100 lbs! The change in myself and the change in others around me has been eye opening and exciting too. People that I see all the time still do not recognize me at first glance. Others whom I saw everyday but didnt seem to see me, now pay attention. This can be an ego boost but with a tinge of irritation. I remember the times you didnt see me, so why should i see you now?? I still have a hard time seeing myself as others do. I still see the girl who wore a 14/16/18/20, not the girl who wears a size 0. Everyday when i pull out my pants I think these will never fit..and they do! My shopping addiction has shifted from shoes (because you can always find shoes to fit) to clothes. I love being able to walk into any store with out worry that I cant find something.

Though the way I look is a great boost, the way I feel is even better. I do not get winded going up stairs or walking any distance. I find that working out is so much easier, who knew crunches didnt have to hurt after only 5! I love that my family discussions, and conversations no longer revolve around my weight and when I will lose it. My life is no longer about my size! Living 27 years of this, it is hard to adjust.

I now make better choices food wise, though I do find I have a hard time actually eating much at all. I have heard of good pouch days and bad ones, small pouch days and normal pouch days. I seem to have small pouch days and closed off pouch days. Which I am totally fine with. The first year is filled with the excitement of loosing and the fear of putting it back on. I have seen my fair share of those who have had the surgery and who have put the weight right back on.. How? I think to myself because I feel it would be impossible. I had a small croissant with egg and cheese for the day after xmas breakfast.. the whole thing was the size of the palm of my hand, and after I thought my stomach would explode with how much i had eaten. For others I have seen who eat half a slab of ribs baked potato and salad and a roll, i cannot imagine being able to do that. Saying NO to food is so much easier..I no longer feel that need to indulge at work or parties. I find it easier to stick to my plan.. simply because the plan is eat what i like to eat, but portion it to what I am able to eat. I no longer live to eat, but eat to live. Which is awesome.

I am looking forward to this new year and continuing to love my new life and new me!!


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