7 months

Jul 30, 2011

I am on OH almost everyday reading posts and using it as a way to keep myself in check and to motivate myself. I have been a slow loser so far. Since surgery I have lost 54lbs, but its been 7 months since surgery. I thought I would have been at goal by now. But another 20 lbs or so and Ill be happy with that.

But everything is not based on a number on the scale! I started out at my heaviest being an 18/20 pant size and wearing 2xl tops. When I had surgery I was in a 14/16 and still 1xl/2xl tops. Now 7 months later, I found out yesterday, that I am a size 6 (loose) jeans and a size medium top! I have not been below a size 10 since maybe 6th grade. Im 28 years old now.

I have alot of support and questions from friends and family. One friend is still baffled by what I eat and how much.. she says she could not imagine not having a carb loaded diet! Also starting to get alot of the standard you should not lose any more weight or you will look too skinny comments. But I know that I can still lose about 30 lbs and not look sickly. I try to just take it as a complement that I am looking better now than I did before.

So far I could not be happier that I made this decision. Finally took control of what I wanted/needed and made this choice for me and my future. Every time I attempted weight loss before I was stuck in trying to better myself for someone else. That is why this is going to work for me for my whole life, because Im finally doing it just for me! Everyone else can just enjoy the show!


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