Plateau Buster's Diet - Day 1

Apr 06, 2009

Today I'm beginning the Plateau Buster's Diet to try and jump start my metabolism and lose some weight.  It will also help me regain some control, because I have let myself cheat more often than I'd like to.  So a few of us here on OH are going to do this diet for the next 10 days and hopefully we'll see some good results.  Its basically a detox from carbohydrates (evil, evil) and consists mostly of protein.  Which, if I know my body, I'd better start taking some stool softeners regularly (yes, I know, TMI haha).  Here is what I have planned for today :

Breakfast - Atkin's Advantage chocolate shake
Morning Snack - 4 oz Dannon Light and Fit vanilla yogurt
Lunch - small (4 oz) chicken breast with low/no carb teriyaki sauce as a marinade, 1 oz 2% cheese stick, sugar free jello
Afternoon Snack - 1 oz 2% cheese stick
Dinner - small (4 oz) chicken breast, 1/2 cup cabbage (steamed)
Evening snack - 1 sugar free popsicle

That puts me at a total of 35 g of carbs for the day.  I hope that is a reasonable number.  Anyways, crossing my fingers that this helps and that I don't want to gnaw off my own fingers by the end of the day!


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