5 Weeks Post Op (10/13/2004)

Oct 12, 2004

(Down 41# total, BMI of 48.9)

I'm now almost 5 weeks post-op and still thankful that I have had this opportunity. I feel great...way more energy, no more aching feet and a smaller size of jeans and even they are baggy already! 

Had my month post-op meeting with the dietician and got really re-motivated. She gave me some great ideas for foods to eat. Since I'm really picky and sometimes unimaginative when it comes to food (unless it's dessert :o) ) I tend to get in a rut and bored and disgusted by food. But Mary gave me lots of ideas for some more fun foods that can mesh with GBP. Like BBQ chicken and shredded BBQ pork. Went grocery shopping with excitement after work and got all the fixins for BBQ and Some Q bars (I think that's what they're called), they're granola bars but have 11g of protein. We also decided that I have to schedule in my meals, snacks and water better. I tend to get caught up in my work and go for hours without eating or drinking! Argh. My solution was to download some break reminder software (E-mail me if you want to know more...it's free) and have it remind me to drink water every 10 minutes and to eat every 2 hours. We'll see how it goes tomorrow...I KNOW I can do better. Failure is not an option!