New Lease on Life (3/2/2005)

Mar 01, 2005

(Down 99# total, 17 pre, 82 post, BMI of 40.0)

Well, I can't believe it has almost been 3 months since I last posted...shame on me. Things have been going well and I am SO pleased at the progress that I have made. One huge landmark...I shopped at Old Navy and in the regular women's section! It felt so good to buy clothes I like, at a place that has plenty of selection and at cheaper prices! 

One thing that I have been aware of lately is that my food and habit demons are still there. This surgery DOES NOT fix your head, and I'm not complaining...just giving some pre-emptive advice to anyone who may read my profile. The difference between me now and me then is that now I get an earlier warning when my food thinking, etc. has gone off the tracks. Before I could have eaten a half gallon of ice cream in an evening and although I didn't feel great, I'd do it. Now, and I'm horrified to be admitting this, I've gotten to about a third of a pint of the Ben and Jerry's that I thought I could ration myself on and realized that it had to go in the garbage because I was just making myself ill. The pouch tool is like having the emergency response system warn you about the coming tornado instead of having to wait until you see the funnel cloud. 

In short, I don't think anyone does this perfect, we all have to make our own way based on our past experiences. This has been a lot of work, a great deal of it mental and of course some physical as well. But it has been worth it and I thank God that I got the opportunity that I did and I will continue taking advantage of what I've been given...a new lease on life.