A Return To Normal...Whatever Normal Maybe...

Nov 28, 2009

I'm so glad that the nausea and the vomitting are over.  Now I can really learn how to work with my pouch and be the best me.  I'm also glad to be going back to work, which I'm excited and nervous about.  I hope that I don't wind up with nervous stomach issues.  I'm glad that this past week is over.  I was in the emergency room with my boyfriend due to his panic attacks and OCD taking over.   Found out he was not taking any of his medications and I'm not happy about that.  Watching someone you love and care about fall apart is hard.  Bright spot of the week, I watched my little sister who's 5 loose her 1st tooth and I cried.  I now can understand the phrase "Eyes bigger than stomach"  At least I was able to handle eating turkey, but I had issues with brussel sprouts.  No problem with my mom's stuffing(the teaspoon I ate) but I did have to deal with big time head hunger when pies were brought out.  I will not let it win.


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