Feb 13, 2011

Well it has beeen a looonnnnggg time since I have been on here... Never did get approved for WLS... But, with some hard work and disipline I have lost 60lbs in 1 year and still going strong... Post pictures soon :)

i dunno..

Aug 31, 2009

Did you ever want something so bad but, deep in your heart know it will probably never happen for you... That's how I feel about this.. I feel like its almost to good to be true... and nothing i mean nothing has ever happend THIS good in my life ( besides my kids)... I feel like sometimes it impossible for me to see the " other " side..  I duno i would love to hear from some ppl ... thanks for listening 


stretch marks....

Aug 18, 2009

Why do stretch marks show up outta nowhere... its gross.... I know if my stomach is really itchy or my arms are really itchy.. IF I scratch that stretch mark will come right out for the world to see!!!... I officially hate my arms to the MAX, they just keep getting more stretch marks.. bright ones too.. god! its not enough to be fat now i gotta be fat and have a road map over my body.. lol OKay Okay theres worse things in life but, I HATE THEM!

Okay thanks for the vent love u all... :)


well thats me in a nutshell

Jul 30, 2009

"I write down everything I want to remember. That way, instead of spending a lot of time trying to remember what it is I wrote down, I spend the time looking for the paper I wrote it down on."

So off topic...

Jul 30, 2009

welp! haven't been able to see my PCP.. go figure!! but, I do have wonderful news, that I know all you moms out there can relate too!!!!!.................. My youngest, Mason he's 2..... just pee'd and Pooped in the potty!!! Yes! Yes! Yes!.... This is wonderfulllllllllll..... LoL anyways just wanted to share to everyone and anyone my good news lol....

On another note,... I did see my PCP.. P.A. for a physical and I mentioned WLS to her. She was very kind. Annoying but, kind. Told me all the stuff I have been hearing for everyone.. " ur so young, fairly low BMI.. blah blah... " are u sure u don't wanna try diet and exercise".... No thats wut got me here to begin with, like a vicous cycle... diet, lose, off diet gain all back +10lbs... Not cool.. She told me she would talk to My doctor about it... So when i get in to see him I'm gonna be armed with info...

well, thats it for now... for all you ppl goin in to surgery soon ur in my prayers!!!! God Bless



Jul 16, 2009

Welp! doesn't look like I get to see a my new PCP tell jan. of 2010! unbelievable I know!!!!... I live in a small town and there's not to many places to pick from..... grrrr... The receptionists said " oh good news is you can see the Physician's assistance on the 20of July" I really did wanna reach through the phone and punch her lol.... I said okay get me in... Maybe I'll hunt down the doc and make him see me lol... I'm going to say everything to the PA and see what I can do to get this show on the road... I guess if I got to wait, than i gotta wait.... God knows what he is doing!.... He won't let me down.. 

OMG on a different note, my newest favorite t.v show is BIG medicine!!! makes me cry everytime!!! anyone see it!?

Bye everyone!!! hope ur all healthy an happy 


Jul 12, 2009

So I mentioned WLS at work today, and ppl just said I wasn't big enough for it.. ARE U KIDDING ME! I weight 261lbs and I'm only 5'2.. Dear lord how big do they want me to be!!! So i dunno what is gonna be said about me once i actually get it done. Maybe i shouldn't have said nothing i dunno.. i don't know how ya go about telling ppl... one day a time i guess.

So u know wut is really annoying about being fat.. lol Big, overweight.. etc
People think you are invisible, ppl look at ya like ur FAT at the groceries store.. I COULD BE buying for 3 other PEOPLE ya know!!!
When ppl tell u are are soo pretty.... BUT.... OH I HATE THAT..
PPL don't respect you! i am a supervisor at work, and I know ppl talk about me " shes lazy!".. NO I'm your boss and when i tell you to do something.. DO IT! ... I'M NOT LAZY... I'm just not lucky!

U better believe imma work this TOOL when i get it... IMMA be happy healthy and HOT LOL... then ill be talked about too.. OH WELLLLLL... I know ppl love me for me but, ya know.. some people JUST piss me off! lol
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Jul 10, 2009

Ya kno i have always been the type that HAS i mean HAS to have my ducks in order, and if i  feel like i don't have control of a situation i freak out!!....... LOL which is WHAT i am doing about all my doctor and insurance issues... I knew coming in to this it would be quite the journey and i would probably have to fight. Nothing in my life has EVER came easy. So for know i am gonna take control of wut i can and let God handle the rest. I know he will not let me down.. However, I will fight for want I want as well.. SOOO if the damn insurance company wants to mess with me... lol... well lets just say, they will have me on a first name basis!!!!

Bye, to everyone... I hope everyone is happy, healthy, and thankful :)


Jul 10, 2009

So I have insurance!!! however, Its PA Access Plus.....Cannot get in to my PCP until Jan. 27, 2010!!!!!!!!!!!. Now I have a physical with the P.A. for my PCP sooo hopefully I can try to get this show on the road. I spoke to my Insurance company, and all the said as far as guidelines where, 50% over what my BMI should be, need all pre-testing, mental health eval. which is not covered :(... however, I can't even start these things until I get my doctor to send in a prior authorization to my insurance company to deem it medical necessary or not... lol I know it is gonna be a hard road.. GOD will get me through it! and I WILL KEEP FIGHTING NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOO If anyone who stumbles across my page and has PA access plus, please, please give me advise!!!

so what!

Jul 01, 2009

I can't believe it took me 2 months to figure our how to post pictures! lol.. yeahhhh

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