Jul 22, 2011

I think I look like I have leeches on my face.  I went today to have moles removed from my face and neck.  I got a bulk discount.  Now I have 10 spots with stitches.  Not pretty.  I wonder when I'll be able to show my face.  The stitches don't come out until Thursday. 

This is sort of a "test drive" of a recommended plastic surgeon.  If these come out well, he will get my business when I am done losing weight.  I am regretting my decision at this point because i cannot imagine these places on my face looking like nothing happened, but I am hopeful.  My sister had a bunch of moles removed from her face a few years ago and I cannot even tell.  But it sounds like her surgeon did not use stitches.  I am worried. 

I am also worried because I cannot do any exercise until the stitches come out.  I need to maintain my momentum with that.  I did my 2000 meter swim on Sunday, trainer on Mon/Wed, and my cardio on Thursday.  I am going to try to eat less over these days.

I have not made much progress toward my goal of being under 200 by the time I see my surgeon on August 12th.  No excuses, I just have not been eating well.  I have been exercising so I have not gained, but I have not lost.


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