UTI is Back AGAIN!

Apr 07, 2016

Last night it started with having to get to the bathroom quickly.  Then this morning I wake up early and that sense of urgency is definitely back - UGH!  I call the Dr. first thing this morning and they do yet another UA.  I pee in the cup and it's definitely got blood in it.  I've been off the frickin' antibiotics for a week!  So, they put me back on the antibiotic and say they're going to send me for a CT scan with contrast.  The Dr. said that after WLS I'm at a higher risk for kidney stones and it's possible that there's a small stone that is stuck in there someplace and it is surrounded by infection.  The infection kinda goes away when the antibiotic is present and recurs when it's not, but the stone stays in place.  Even though I'm not having an pain, nausea, or fever it could still be a kidney stone.  UGH!!!  I'll know more after the CT scan.  They want to do the CT while I'm still on the antibiotics, so that's gotta happen within the next 10 days.  Great...


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