DS vs. RNY-by LOLA! (thanks!)

May 20, 2008

RNY - I got the surgery so I'd dump and the fear of that would keep me away from sugar.
DS - I got the surgery so that I wouldn't dump.

RNY - I needed the restriction to correct my relationship with food.
DS - I didn't want the restriction because I want to enjoy my relationship with food.

RNY - I wanted/needed to change my eating habits.
DS - I've dieted my whole life -- I want to quit dieting.

RNY - I'm sick of dieting and failing.
DS - I'm sick of dieting and failing.

RNY - I want a tool that I can work.
DS - I want a surgery that does the work.

RNY - I didn't want to be able to cheat the surgery.
DS - I want to be able to 'cheat' from time to time.

RNY - I want to be healthy.
DS - I want to be healthy.

RNY - I didn't want someone cutting off my stomach.
DS - I don't want a blind stomach.

RNY - I don't want to have to eat massive amounts of food.
DS - I want to be able to eat what I want.

RNY - I needed to change my habits.
DS - I've been trying to change my habits my whole life!

RNY - I never want to eat sugar or fat again!
DS - I don't want sugar and fat to be 'off-limits'.

RNY -- I want the convenience of a close by surgeon.
DS -- I want the convenience of a one-time surgery.

RNY - My insurance would only pay for the RNY.
DS - I fought my insurance long and hard for what I wanted.

RNY - I need to not eat fat because of my high cholesterol.
DS - I need to not absorb fat because of my high cholesterol.

RNY - I didn't want to risk that much malabsorption.
DS - Based on my own diet history, I knew that I needed the added malabsorption to keep off the weight.

RNY - I need help to lose weight.
DS - I'm great at losing weight, what I need is help to keep it off.

RNY:  I know what's best for ME.
DS:  I've seen the revision board, and people don't always choose
what's best the first time.

RNY:  Published, peer-reviewed studies are rhetoric.
DS:  I based my decision on statistics from published, peer-reviewed studies.

RNY:  You can't know anything about a surgery unless you have had that surgery.
DS:  I can know the likely results and complications of a surgery even if I'm pre-op because I did my research.

RNY:  There's no need to put down other types of WLS.
DS:  Statistically the DS is best and comparing and contrasting with the other surgery types is the only way to promote it effectively.

Long Term Results of the DS

Apr 17, 2008

Duodenal Switch: Long-Term Results

1: Obes Surg. 2008 Mar 12

Duodenal Switch: Long-Term Results.
Marceau P, Biron S, Hould FS, Lebel S, Marceau S, Lescelleur O, Biertho L, Simard S.
Department of Surgery, Laval University, Laval Hospital, Québec, Canada,
[email protected].

BACKGROUND: This report summarizes our 15-year experience with duodenal switch (DS) as a primary procedure on 1,423 patients from 1992 to 2005.

METHODS: Within the last 2 years, follow-up of these patients, including clinical biochemistry evaluation by us or by their local physician is 97%.

RESULTS: Survival rate was 92% after DS.
The risk of death (Excess Hazard Ratio (EHR)) was 1.2, almost that of the general population.

After a mean of 7.3 years (range 2-15), 92% of patients with an initial BMI 50 obtained a BMI ;< 40.

Diabetes was cured (i.e. medication was discontinued) in 92% and medication decreased in the others.

The use of the CPAP apparatus was discontinued in 90%, medication for asthma was decreased in 88%, and the prevalence of a cardiac risk index >5 was decreased by 86%.

Patients' satisfaction in regard to weight loss was graded 3.6 on a basis of 5, and 95% of patients were satisfied with the overall results.

Operative mortality was 1% which is comparable with gastric bypass surgery.

The need for revision for malnutrition was rare (0.7%) and total reversal was exceptional (0.2%).

Failure to lose >25% of initial excess weight was 1.3%.

Revision for failure to lose sufficient weight was needed in only 1.5%.

Severe anemia, deficiency in vitamins or bone damage were exceptional, easily treatable, preventable and no permanent damage was documented.

CONCLUSION: In the long term, DS was very efficient in terms of cure rate for morbid obesity and its comorbidities. In terms of risk/benefit, DS was very successful with an appropriate system of follow-up.

Source: "Duodenal Switch: Long-Term Results"

Liquid diet started...

Nov 20, 2007

Today's the 1st day. Weighed in at just under 250.
It'll be interesting to see what happens to me after 5 days of this diet!

Got my date!

Oct 10, 2007

Nov. 26th, 2007 is the big day!
 I am so nervous!

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