It's Finally Done !

Apr 19, 2016

Back home in my own comfy surroundings following an amazing surgical experience at Mexicali Bariatric Center with Dr. Wilhelmy on April 14th. Surgery went perfectly and they treated me so well. The trip back home was long; flying cross country after surgery is no joke.

Feel I could’ve done so much better today (4/18) with carbs, ate 111g (on only liquids) and 33g protein. Didn’t realize Campbell’s Condensed Soup had so many carbs. Tomorrow will be better, will stick to broths! I was trying to mix it up cause I am on clear liquids for 6 more days, then onto full liquids for another 10 days before pureed/soft foods.

Weighed in at 263.1# the day before surgery, lost 10# during the pre-op diet (had lots of food funerals and gained 5#). Hopped on the scale today (4/18) just out of sheer curiosity, since Thursday will be my official weigh day, and down another 7#! Have got to take before pictures tomorrow so I have something to compare to and look back when I am finally successful, because I will be successful!

My doctor didn’t give me a goal weight and I forgot to ask, I think 175# is reasonable to start with. For a BMI between 18 and 25 I could weigh anywhere from 126-170 pounds, but I want to be right in the middle or about 148 or so pounds. So I guess 145# will be my s—t—r—e—t—c—h goal to give me a more comfortable position in case of regain.

Oh well, I think that’s all for now. Here I go on this crazy train ride full of ups, downs, twists and turns and hopefully lots of learning and changing old habits to good sustainable ones. . . . . . . . . . . . .


Starting Weight: 236.1#


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