Weeks 4 through 8

Jun 11, 2016

No updates since week 3. . . . . .  shame on me, so here goes

Week 4: 242.6#

Week 5: 239.6#

Week 6: 236.2#

Week 7: 231.6#

Week 8: 229.0#

This past week has been a little difficult. I have been battiling head hunger for things like ice cream and cookies. I am fighting a constant battle with my inner self that tells me "you can eat it cause you can only eat a little bit", and the part of me that wants to be successful saying "that's not on plan, STEP AWAY." Sadly my inner self/head hunger has been winning the past week. It hasn't stopped my weight loss but I know I can do better and I expect more of myself. Trying my best to lay down good habits now and break old detrimental ones so I can be successful long-term; but the struggle is real. On a positive note I am down 44# from pre-op weight!!!! When I get to 225# (hopefully soon) I am going to reward myslef with going to get some permanent makeup- eyebrows and eyeliner. Hypothyroidism has made my eyebrows thin, they look beautiful when I get them threaded but I hate having to fill them in everyday. 

I'm averaging 600-750 calories/day, 70g+ of protein, 50g of carbs or less and I really don't monitor fat too closely, but most days its less than 50g. So far this has been working out good. On the weekend when we go out to eat my calories can go up to 1000 due to the rich food, but I'm so greatful I can't eat much of it. Struggling with remembering to take my meds everyday, which is leading to me to being tired. Excited to see what the next month holds. This journey had been awe-inspiring thus far.

My next goal is going to the gym to lift heavy 3xs/week. Don't want to lose all this weight and still be 'skinny fat' and I want to gain some extra curves.


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