Foot Surgery is a big downer!

Apr 06, 2011

Ok, let's start this blog by saying...I have Extremely sensitive feet! Just thinking of it right now makes me break out into a sweat! My feet are so sensitive that I've kicked many-a humans and animals who have brushed by them by accident. My legs and feet seem to have minds of their own. I can't control their backlash when others so much as threaten to touch them.

I broke the big toe of my right foot on December 30. Yup, day before New Year's Eve. And...I broke it good! Right in an angle! Well, I had to be carried around by hubby for a whole week! Thank GOD I had RNY and lost 154 pounds! I would really have been in a world of hurts if I hadn't. But then again...I never would have been running in my kitchen in the first place. LOL

So, I wore the cute boot for eight lonnnnng weeks. In the process of all the doc appointments (and several moments of squirming from touches) the doc discovered my bunion. Now, I knew I had a bunion. My shoes told me so. It hurts. It let's me know it's there. I knew it would require surgery to make it go away. But that means SOMEONE TOUCHING my foot! So, I didn't go!

Now, without a choice...Doc Shemenski is at my front handling my foot while I'm skreeching and squirming. He measures and sends me for, yet another, xray. Now the xray tech is nice but....really....I'm praying she doesn't have a foot fetish.

If the bone was slanted 12 degrees, I would need a slight adjustment. 16 degrees slanted and some phone calls later...

my toe has healed well but not quite right, some swelling still and needs some 'sanding/planing down' but healed enough for me to go ahead and have, eeeyup, bunion surgery while he's in there on March 25th.

Surgery went very well, one cut in the skin three in the bone and two screws. Doc gives me Percocet for pain. I go home...find out I'm ALLERGIC to Percocet! Hubby rushes me to the ER. I spent 7 1/2 hours there~!

Well, all is said and done. I had my post-op visit last Friday. I'm healing well and will be having my stitches out this coming Friday. Doc Shemenski said (giggling) he may have to numb me up to have the stitches out because my foot is so sensitive and I squirm so much he may jab me with the scissors by accident. (Now that's just funny, hooah!)

I, basically, sit on my bum all day and watch movies and play around on Facebook. I've had friends and family come visit too! I worry about gaining weight and/or losing muscle while sitting around. I had weeks of not being able to move about when I broke my toe and was finally able to get onto my elipitical again for only a week. Thankfully, since December, I have NOT gained any weight. But, I do feel weeker.

I miss volunteering at the hospital so much! I love visiting WLS patients the day after their surgery! I feel like I miss out on so much because I have met so many wonderful people during my visits. It feels so good to offer myself to others. Sometimes I actually feel selfish about it because there are times I feel I get more out of it than they do.

Onward and Upward! Gotta stay positive! I woke up this morning with the thought in my head.....

I only have ONE chance to make this life AWESOME!

Although I can not do as much as I WANT to do....I CAN do so much more than I USED to be able to do!

I'm healing, I have friends who come visit (and bring flowers and send cards) when I'm down, I have family who calls all the time and comes by to make sure I'm okay, I have the most wonderful husband I could ever dream of..I'm grateful!

My Life Is GooooooD!!!


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