Goal Weight??!!??

Jan 04, 2010

I'm totally at a loss!!  I've been racking my brains trying to figure out what kind of goal weight I should set.  I haven't a flippin clue and it's so frustrating, but at the same time exciting.  After my RNY I was able to get down to about 165 (give or take a pound or 2 but no more) and a size 10.  I often had people telling me how fabulous I looked and one guy even told me to STOP losing weight cause I was looking anorexic.  I think he was just trying to sweet talk me though...HA....even though he did say it somewhat regularly.  I was quite fit too.  Overall I was thrilled because I did look small and I felt terrific and sexy (most days...some days my "fat" mind would play tricks on me).  But even though I felt that way I always thought "MAN, I wish that number would go down more!"  I'm a scale whore I guess you could say.  And most people would say that's bad, but it's how I hold myself accountable for anything and everything!  Anyways, so now that I'm about to get my revision to DS, I've come to the reality that I could very well drop below my lowest weight after the RNY....it just does NOT SEEM realistic.  I work out all the time, pilates and dance classes and I want to start running again.  I see plenty of other DSers who are in the 140s, 130s and even 120s and all I can think is "can that really happen to me?"  Man oh man!!  I haven't seen numbers like that since HIGH SCHOOL!!!  I am 5'4 and my "ideal" weight for my age is 130-140 (according to some calculators I found).  Before I had a goal of 150, which I NEVER reached, so my thought is to set multiple goals....but I would like to have 1 ultimate goal to strive for, I just don't want to set an unrealistic goal.  Hrmmmmm what to do what to do??  


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