Fill number?????????????

Mar 02, 2011

 I have lost count!  I got another fill last Thursday.  Dr. Kam gave me .2cc.  I have a total of 6.6cc total.  My highest was 7.1cc I lost some due to evaporization.  I feel pretty darn tight right now.  After the first couple of days on liquids than soft foods I was starting to feel good about this last fill.  Today however, not so much!  I had a protein shake for breakfast which is usual for me.  I actually slimed just a bit while drinking it.  It took me quite awhile to get it down, but I did get it down ok.  Tonight I tried to eat some potato and sausage soup and it just didn't want to go down very well so the dog had a special treat.  Later I made chicken noodle soup and drank all the broth and tossed the noodles.  I've also had a glass of 1% milk and water with benefiber added.  I don't feel hungry at all but know I need to eat enough for continued weight loss.  I'm with in 10 lbs or where I really want to be.  So I'm pretty happy about that.  During the past 2 yrs I've pretty much maintained my weight - one small weight gain of about 10lbs about a year ago that I lost easily after a fill.  I've been very good about exercising and pretty good with good food choices.  My daughter graduates from college in May and I want to buy a new outfit something really nice so I want to lose just a bit more weight - actually since my fill I've lost about 4lbs so in 6 lbs I'm going to go shopping!  Several pairs of slacks that I've been wearing over the last 2-2.5 yrs are getting kind of baggy on me, so I need to start thinking of getting some new stuff anyways.  I love to shop but I have kind of expensive taste so I want to make sure I'm at the weight I  want to be AND able to maintain it before I buy much.  

It's about time for bed so until later.....


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