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Apr 20, 2009

Okay so the CT Coordinator finally called me today to give me my laundry list of appts. I go 4.23 this Thursday for my initial appointment to meet with the surgeon, get all of the details of the procedure and do a ton of lab work. I then go OOT for a wedding F-S. I go on Monday 4.27 for an entire days worth of appts. I meet with the Nut, Exercise Coach and Cardio guy from 10-2. I then go on 4.28 for a quick 15 minute test, I think this may be the metabolism breath test. I go on 4.30 to take a psych test then meet with the psych who tells me how I did. My pre op appt with the surgeon is on 5.12 and surgery is 5.19 hopefully 2nd case of the day. She told me this but I work in pre-surgery and saw that my case was posted 3rd. She said due to ppl being off in the office someone else posted it, so I hope they do get it changed and I'm 2nd case of the day behind my friend who is having this same procedure. They told her she is 1st case but they have her posted last(4th) we would love if they did get it fixed. I guess the CT Coordinator is in the OR since they have to record how long it takes, the various steps and what was done in detail. I have not done much research on clinical trials so I don't know what all is involved. She has the most hectic schedule of anyone I know so it must be very crazy.

I have to do a chest xray and EKG before the surgery as well. UGH fun times. Since my surgeon is requiring most of these appts and not the Clinical Trial, I have to pay $950ish total out of pocket. I guess that isn't too bad considering my deductible with ins and all of the co-pays for the visits would be more than that over the course of the next year. I am glad to finally know what is going on and have some stuff scheduled. I am nervous that I might fail some of these test for whatever reason. I have always been a firm believer that "ignorance is bliss" and would rather not know if something bad is going on. I guess that is something I need to work on and deal with!
I am still researching protein recipes and brands. I am glad to report I do not have to buy a magic bullet that my regular blender will do! YAY I can spend the money on all the protein experiments or save for new clothes! :)

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