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Apr 27, 2009

I'm back from my trip to GA for my dear friend's wedding! It was fun but here are the updates on me and my POSE procedure!

I FINALLY got to meet my Dr Thursday 4/23/09. He is such a nice guy. He was very patient with me, explained everything and let me ask questions. I was a bit apprehensive going into all of this and not knowing that much about him but my formal opinion is that he is genuinely nice. I did not feel judged, rushed or stupid for asking questions.

I had to give them 10 tubes of blood!!! I had to start fasting at 10am and they didn't get the needle in my arm until 4:30. I was a bit drained and not making much sense at that point!

He drew me a picture of what he's going to do to my stomach. He will be taking the top part that expands when we get fat and overeat, and folding it up with stitches (sutures) I see now why this is a trial b/c the question is will that part of the stomach stretch back out if I over eat? I guess anyone can stretch their pouch out no matter how small but he said he is reducing my stomach by about 20%. I guess the bottom part has more solid walls and is the part that tells us we are full. The top part never tells us and just keeps on stretching as long as we keep eating. By eliminating the top part the trial will tell us if this can be done without any cutting! 

I met today with my NUT and exercise coach who are AWESOME! I have so much paperwork and so many great ideas for food. I can not say enough wonderful things about my NUT Heather. I liked the exercise coach Annie as well, they were both down to earth and I love that they gave me things thatcan do. It sounded so easy when they were both talking. I can use my tool (surgery) to help me eat less but the key is making life changes. It's not like I'm on some fast track diet that I have to cut out certain foods or food groups. I'm not on some killer exercise program to sculpt my abs in 6 wks. I am making a lifestyle commitment to changing the bad habits and incorporating new healthy ones.  I am SO excited and ready to have this surgery!

I then met with my Cardio coach Justin. I had my entire body scanned and found out that I have a good amount of lean muscle (105lbs worth) but I do have 51% fat. I have a higher than normal metabolism and he said it should take me 34 weeks to meet my goal of 140lbs without having surgery. I am very excited about this. I am not concerned if I weigh more than that stupid chart says if I have a high % of lean muscle mass. He said I have a lot "for a female" so I wasn't sure if that is a good thing or not. I learned about my waist/hip ratio and why it's bad to carry my fat where I do. I knew this though and is part of the reason for having WLS. I don't want to increase my risk of death just by where the fat is located on my body!  I have been instructed to start making changes now so that I can be healthier before surgery and get in the routine of exercising and eating better! 

I bought some protein samples and have some yummy sounding recipes to try. I am on a CLEAR LIQUID diet for an entire week after surgery so I have to find out what tastes good so I don't shrivel up that week after! I have been instructed that I can mix protein into any of the clear liquids on the list or drink Isopure (which I bought a bottle of) Wish me luck! 

YAY I only have 22 days until my surgery!!!


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