Almost have way through the year!

May 22, 2009

I do not know where time goes to....half way through the year! Kind of scary when you start getting up in years. Soon I am going to be 7years out from wls and I just had another round of PS and hernia repair. I think for once I might actually like how my breast came out!!!
It has really been a good year for me. For the most part I have kept my weight off. I play with a few pounds and did gain hell of weight post last reconstructive surgery, but it was water. I am down...and a few pounds off from my lowest this year.
I continue to maintain a high protien diet with no white carbs. I love eating this way and it makes me feel the best. It has been so long since I have done white carbs, I think they do not really interest me. I still weigh and measure most of my food. I have dishes I know where to fill them and do not go past it. I do have to say that my stomach shrunk once again from surgery so I am capitalizing on that one for sure!
Last night was my first outting since I had surgery 2 weeks ago. I picked up a Teacher of the Year award...that was cool and I had my family there. Made it all the better. My grandchildren did not know what was going on, but that is okay...they will have pictures to remember and that is what is important!!!

Most of all if you are reading my profile...I just want to impart to you to never give up. You have to keep working that tool and it works as long as you are willing to work it is all I can say!!!!



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