7 years and counting!

Jul 09, 2009

7 Years and I could not be happier!!!!! It has been one hell of a wild ride I can say!
I would have never thought that day 7 years ago as I stood outside the OR crying  because I was so friggin scared of the unknown that I would be sitting here today happy about all the decisions I have made to this point and the growth I have made mentally.
In these 7 years, I have had my ups and downs and battles with the food demons, but I also know that I have this built in tool to reel me back in. It is a divine comfort...more so than the food!
In these 7 years, I have gone through 6 reconstructive operations....now that is the biggest shock of them all. I went from I would "NEVER" have reconstructive surgery to...I will only do my arms....to sheesh louise to have everything reconstructed from the neck down! That has all been worth it too even the pain okay? And yes there was a lot of that!!!
Along the way in these 7 years, I have met some pretty cool people too. Although some of them I am grateful to leave behind so to speak. I think I have posted this before, but a dear friend of mine who had surgery just about the same time I did always told me that "we are all sick when we get here to this point, but some are sicker than others." I use to have a hard time with her saying this, but she is so right. It is just sad that some people take their sickness to new heights.
I also know that in these 7 years, I have had the confidence to speak my mind, to grow professionally and to know that my grandchildren will never know a "fat" grandma!!!! It makes me think of my boys when I was going through the intial reconstructive surgery...they said to me, "We never thought we would have a skinny mommy." That meant the world to me when they said that to me. Up to that point, I had never really thought about it...but my boys never knew me any other way until then. Although they had seen me lose weight over the years and with wls....it was the reconstructive surgery that hit home with them. Me too for that matter.

All I know....7 years later and I would still make the decisions I have made with having wls and doing things they way I did. What I do know is that we all come into this world with everything basically set in stone for us. However sometimes there are ways to alter the course of your life....wls altered that course and sent me on a path that I want to continue to journey on down!



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