I am just cracking up

Jul 04, 2009

What do people think of me? Well you know what whoever can read this...I do not give a rats ass about the people here who are blocking me and talking smack behind my back. I know who I am...maybe they ought to look into themselves and ask who they really are? Are they people who have to be validated continuously? Is that all they have to hold onto in life...they cannot see the worth in themselves? Well honestly I do not have time for their high school games...no not really high school....elementary at this point....I keep thinking...sticks and stones will break my bones and names will never hurt me....grow the "F" up and you know who you are...all of you who are participating in this nonsense....it is always great to know you are tried and hung without ever hearing both sides...but who cares... this is America and I have freedom of speech! All of you who chose to block me...block away because you are small minded also!

I love my life...can you honestly say that about yours...small minded people?

And yes I am cracking the hell up because you have only hurt yourself by your own actions!


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