New Year, New Life

Jan 04, 2015

I was so happy when New Years eve morning I stepped on the scales and I was in the 170's! I haven't been lifting weights and working out in the gym in a couple of weeks but the weight is steadily coming off around 2 pounds a week. I am just now starting to see the results for myself. I still have a hard time taking compliments from people and I try to just brush it off....but they aren't letting me get away with it lol. I try to take everything a day at a time. I'm fitting back into my old Jr. sized clothes again which makes me happy. I went through my closet and pulled out all of my old big clothes and put my smaller - almost brand new- clothes back on the rack for wearing. I have a ton of clothes now...but I'm working to have to buy new ones ;) 

2015 is going to be my year. I have been blessed beyond measure and I know God has so much more in store for me. My next goal is to reach 160 by the end of February (the 25th would be my 6 month anniversary). 

I haven't really set my year anniversary goal weight because I know with weight lifting muscle will weigh I'm gonna see where I am at at the end of February and set my next 3 month goal from there. For my 13 month anniversary my husband and I are going to swim with the Great White sharks! 3rd time for me and first for him... I can't think of a better way to celebrate my new life! 

Here is to 2015!