Hi, I'm Maggie. I am 42, a mother of 2, I have a wonderful Irish husband 
and I am ready to start my journey! 

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Nice irish girl, born oldest and only daughter with 
3 little brothers. Grows up all over the place but calls 
Kansas City, MO home. Learns to love food but uses 
it to hide her pain especially when dealing with loss, 
death, anxiety and sadness.  Loses the most important 
person to her in her life, mom in 1997 and takes a long 
long time to get on with her life.  Mom dies 3 weeks before 
she gets married and then she learns the hard way life is 
really not fair. Even if you have a story book childhood, 
parents and family. I weighed 180 pounds in 1997. Have 
2 children, forget to take care of myself, lose my way. 
Get depressed, have a few anxiety attacks, end up on 
meds. Develop asthma, arthritis, fibromyalgia among other 
maladies.  I'm tired. I am a strong confident person who feels 
weak and tired most of the time.  I want to get the real me back. 
 I know she's in there. She is just covered up in 140lbs of fat. 
I deserve it. My kids deserve it. Most certainly my husband 
deserves it. But mostly, I really deserve to be happy again.  
And healthy.

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